Is Computer Software Prepackaged Software A Good Career Path?

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Are you a Software developer or a software engineer? Searching for Is Computer Software Prepackaged Software A Good Career Path. Let’s have a deep look at the Computer Software Prepackaged Software career and scope.

The Prospects for Software Developers Computer scientists are in great demand on the job market. According to a market study commissioned by the industry association BITKOM at the opinion research institute Aris, 72 percent of IT companies with vacancies are looking for software developers. 

So software engineer demand is increasing day by day.

Most of the time, knowledge about

  1. Cloud computing (40 percent)
  2. Social media (38 percent)
  3. Website and web application development (29 percent)
  4. Software Designer (27 percent)
  5. Mobile websites (22 percent)

Due to the shortage of skilled workers, companies are also much more open to career changers and self-taught people than is currently the case in other industries.

Is Software Engineering A Good Career?

Software engineer jobs are never boring and this career never came to end. Why? Because the project environment is constantly changing, there are always new challenges and space for the new software engineers.

How To Become A Software Engineer?

Mostly trained computer scientists, but also graduates from natural sciences or engineering courses, work in the profession of a software developer.

But cramming the disdainful theory is only one thing. The other is to get a taste of the business world while you are still studying – with internships, part-time jobs, or practical projects related to companies at the university.

A little tip: On the specialist community Github, projects are repeatedly advertised that are also interesting for students to be able to refine their job profile.

What Does A Software Engineer Do?

The software engineer is involved in the entire software development process. It starts with the analysis and conception, continues with the design of the IT architectures and programming, as well as integration, and right through to testing the software.

 This can also include the selection and adaptation of frameworks, standard components, and methods. This plethora of different tasks is what makes the job so diverse.

With increasing experience, the software engineer helps to design the entire application and system landscapes of the customers and controls projects successfully. 

Why Choose Software Engineering?

If you like the prospect of working in software development and are good at it, you won’t go long without getting a good job offer. 

Software Engineer Demand

Competent developers are always in demand. And get the following advantages

Possibility of remote work

Another benefit of studying software development is the ability to telecommute, which offers you a better balance between work and your personal life. While this is not possible for all positions, remote working is a convenience that fits perfectly with the tasks of a developer.

A creative activity

While it is not about design as such, software development is a very creative profession. After all, you will focus on developing programs that make people’s lives simpler or solve a specific need of the company. That is why creation is an intrinsic feature of this race.

You acquire the ability to solve problems

Perhaps your tasks require creating new software or helping a company find solutions for its programs and applications. Regardless of the area, working as a developer will make you the person capable of solving different difficulties. 

The race allows you to unravel a complex situation, break it down part by part and understand the origin of the problem.

Where to study software development?

A university degree alone is currently not very convincing on the job market. This explains why, for example, a completed apprenticeship in an IT apprenticeship enables entry as a software developer. For example, there has been state-recognized training as a mathematical-technical software developer for a few years.

At the universities in Aachen, Cologne, this training is even possible in combination with the Bachelor’s degree in “Scientific Programming”. So: There are many ways to become a software developer.

How To Start Engineering At A Young Age?

There are pure computer science courses at practically every college and university. The following facilities are particularly popular:

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • TU Munich
  • TU Darmstadt
  • TU Ilmenau

Here you can enroll to start your journey.

Computer Programmer Work Environment

As a software engineer, you will often work with international teams. You have intensive contact with your Capgemini colleagues, for example in the USA or Poland. 

In a varied project environment, you will get to know many different industries such as automotive, healthcare, banking, telecommunication, or retail and in this way, you can acquire a wide range of specialist knowledge. 

Differences Between Systems Engineering And Computer Science Engineering

One of the main differences lies in the fact that computer science develops knowledge and products that allow automating and optimizing computing processes, handles comprehensive information on the application and management of different software and programming languages.

The systems engineer specializes more in the field. network programming, hardware implementation, and optimization.

Career Opportunities For Computer Software Prepackaged Software

Guided by a career model, a software engineer can develop in three directions over time, depending on his strengths and inclinations: He can become a professional architect, technical architect, or project manager. Which way you choose depends entirely on whether you want to focus on the technical, professional, or management area. You don’t have to make a decision forever: in the course of your professional path, you can switch between careers at any time.

Computer Programming Jobs

Here are some key things which you must have while starting your job career.

  • Permanent learning, because nothing changes as rapidly as IT
  • permanent training,
  • Open-mindedness towards new things
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Problem-solving skills
  • In-depth, IT knowledge is also essential

List Of Computer Programming Jobs

Here is the list of current companies looking for the fresh software designer and software engineers

1. Software application developer

Salary: $105,5902

Required education: Bachelor’s degree2

Projected employment growth (2018-2028):21 percent (much faster than average)2

2. Web developer

Salary: $73,7602

Required education: Associate’s degree2

Projected employment growth (2018-2028):13 percent (much faster than average)2

3. Computer systems engineer

Salary: $88,5502

Required education: Bachelor’s degree2

Projected employment growth (2018-2028): 9 percent (faster than average)2

4. Computer systems analyst

Salary: $90,9202

Education required: Bachelor’s degree2

Projected employment growth (2018-2028):9 percent (faster than average)2

5. Computer programmer

Salary: $86,5502

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree2

Projected employment growth (2018-2028):-7 percent (slower than average)

The current standards for any job opportunity are programming languages such as C, C ++, Java, Javascript, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails or Python, SQL, HTML, and CSS. Relational databases such as MySql or PostgreSQL as well as solutions such as Redis should not be a book with seven seals.

What Do You Earn As A Software Developer?

Software developers in the backend earn an average of 56,000 euros a year. The salary structure depends heavily on the industry, region, and experience. Young professionals with up to three years of experience earn an average of 42,000 euros. With six to nine years of experience, you already get 56,000 euros. Experienced developers who have been working in their profession for more than nine years can look forward to more than 67,000 euros per year.

In the various federal states, however, the pay gap is enormous. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania brings up the rear with an average income of 40,000 euros. The capital Berlin also offers programmers with an annual income of just under 52,000 euros only mediocre earnings prospects. In contrast, these are all the better in Hesse with 61,000 euros, Baden-Württemberg with 59,000 euros, Bavaria and Hamburg with 57,000 euros each.

The size of the company also plays a role. In companies with up to 100 employees, an average annual salary of 49,000 euros is paid, which is 19,000 euros more than in large companies with more than 1,000 employees.

Pros And Cons Of Software Engineering

One of the main advantages of studying software development is that it is a very diverse sector. This covers a wide variety of roles related to both computer applications and systems. This is how you will get to work in one or more areas that interest you.

For example, some graduates focus on building or rebuilding computer information systems. Others use their talents to create programs or improve a company’s security system. It is up to you to choose the direction you want to give your career.

You can work in almost any industry since the software is used in every sector. 

Important Career Paths For Software Developers

The importance of software in economic and purely technical contexts has become so great and so varied that different demands on training and know-how arise all by themselves. 

There is the apprenticeship as a mathematical-technical software developer, there are extra-occupational training courses to become a software developer, dual courses of study at the vocational academies, and the scientific-technical courses of study at colleges and universities.

More or less self-taught qualifications will probably be less and less sufficient in technically demanding environments to start long-term professional careers.

But there is a great need for software developers across all industries. The automobile manufacturers and suppliers need their know-how, as do mechanical and plant engineering, the chemical industry, the consumer goods industry, the electronics and medical technology sectors, banks and insurance companies as well as (online) trade.


Considering the current society we live in, where technology joins every aspect of our daily life, you will have no shortage of opportunities shortly so computer software prepackaged software is a good career path for software developers and software engineers.

On the contrary, the demand for developers is more likely to increase in the days to come.

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