Is Emilio Osorio Gay? Mexican Singer’ Sexuality Rumors Debunked

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Is Emilio Osorio Gay ? He has portrayed Aristotle, a young homosexual, in the soap opera “My Husband Has More Family.”

Emilio Osorio is a young craft, popularly known as ‘Aristotle’ of the Mexican television series Mi Marido Tiene Familia.

The English translation of the soap opera “Mi Marido Tiene Familia” is “My Husband Has More Family” (2017 to 2019).

In the drama, Emilio Osorio has played the character of a young homosexual with a lot in common with his personal life.

Now, fans are curious to know if Emilio Osorio is also gay, like his reel character ‘Aristotle’. Let’s find it out.

Is Emilio Osorio Gay?

Emilio Osorio was a rumour about being gay for a long time. However, he recently talked about his sexuality publicly.

Mexican actor, Emilio Osorio is the son of the television producer, Juan Osorio, and Niurka Marcos. He was born to his parents on 25 November 2002 in Mexico.

Recently, the son of Juan Osorio and Niurka Marcos, Emilio Osorio came out as a gay. Yes, Emilio Osorio revealed that he is a homosexual.

Juan Osorio says he already wondered about his son’s sexual orientation but didn’t have all the answers. So, he went to a psychologist to find out how to talk with Emilio.

When Emilio turned 11 years old, Juan Osorio confronted Emilio about his sexual orientation. And Emilio openly talked about the subject with his father.

Emilio Osorio told his father, Juan Osorio, “Dad, it’s good that we’re going to talk about it. Yes, I am going to tell you the truth, yes I am gay”.

Juan Osorio is very close with his son, Emilio. They shared a great bond.

In 2013, Osorio Jr. began his acting career with his first soap opera, “Porque el Amor Manda,” produced bAmors father, Juan Osorio.

Mexican Singer Sexuality Rumors Debunked

The rumours of Emilio Osorio’s sexuality have been confirmed. Emilio Osorio exposed that he is gay.

In a recent interview on the Univision program “Montsey y Joe”, Emilio Osorio’s father, Juan Osorio, announced the news.

Juan Osorio further says, “he was convinced that Emilio was going a be gay” since he showed ability in dance and perfect manners from a young age.

The Mexican producer, Juan Osorio, also pointed out that as a father, he has visualized whether his son will be of one sex or the other.

Emilio Osorio is lucky to have a father like Juan Osorio, who has accepted him the way he is. 

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