Is Frostydasnowmann Dead? Fact Check On Reports About Rapper Being Shot At Inglewood Shooting

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Is Frostydasnowmann dead? Rapper Frosty da snowmann, whose real name is Maasai Lopez, is allegedly shot to death at Inglewood Shooting. Is it true?

Frostydasnowmann is a professional rapper and singer.

Frostydasnowmann lives in Los Angeles, California, and is a singer of the Hip Hop genre. He is a self-composer and his music videos have gained a good amount of views in the last few days.

He is one of the youngest rappers to>Instagram.

Frostydasnowmann’s real name is Maasai Lopez, has over 43.8k subscribers on his youtube channel, and his latest song was Make it Cheesy, released just two weeks ago.

Is Frostydasnowmann Dead? Inglewood Shooting Details

No, Frostydasnowmann is not dead according to the reports.

It was confirmed that two people were shot during the shootout, and both of them were taken to the hospital.

The locals of the area made a video of the shooting and found out that one of the shot people was Frostydasnowmann.

Though it was only confirmed by local pedestrians, and not by the media, so it is still a question that if Frostydasnowmann was involved or not.

But looking at the videos of the scene, his car was at the crime scene, and it there recent Instagram love shows them traveling in the same area.

So, they were shot in the incident, but there are no reports of death.

Frostydasnowmann is pretty much alive, but he is fighting for his life in the OR and might need a long recovery before coming back.

Frostydasnowmann (Real Name Maasai Lopez) Age And Net Worth

Frostydasnowmann whose real name is Maasai Lopez is around 20-25 years old.

However, his exact birthday details is not made public as of now.

He is a young boy who had just started his music career, releasing his first song ‘OH MY GAWD’, in 2017.

Frostydasnowmann’s net worth is expected to be around $575,000, which shows that he is a rich guy.

His luxury in his videos is clearly seen, with his gold teeth and tons of money showing in the videos. Despite his low subscribers’ count, he has videos of over a million views.

People like the videos of Frostydasnowmann, and are also appreciating his work on his Instagram and social platform.

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