Is Lul Tim Dead Or Alive? Lul Tim Shot 6 Times In Chest – Real Name & Wife Age

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Lul Tim is under heavy speculation that he has been shot 6 times in the chest and is dead. Find out whether the rumors are true or not.

Lula Tim is an American rapper and felony. He is best known as the prime suspect in killing the late rapper and songwriter King Von.

As of today, he has been rumored to be dead by gunshots in a revenge murder of King Von. King Von, along with three other people, died in gunfire against rapper Quando Rondo.

Is Lul Tim Dead Or Alive? Lul Tim Shot 6 Times In Chest

According to recent updates, Lula Tim is not dead, and he was not shot 6 times in the chest. He appears to be fine and well enjoying his time outside, per his recent Instagram story.

He has recently uploaded a series of Instagram stories in which he was fine and jokingly reacted to his death rumors. It seems he has just been added to the celebrity death hoaxes on the web.

Lul Tim Real Name and Age Revealed

Lul Tim’s real name is Timothy Leeks, per King Von’s official Wikipedia page. He came under heavy limelight after his involvement in the gunfire, which allegedly killed King Von.

Lul Tim’s is currently 22 years old. The complete details on his birthday are still under review and will be updated very soon.

Lul Tim Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Lul Tim is not married; hence, any insiders on his wife are not on display. Likewise, he has not disclosed any information on his personal life and dating life as of now.

Moreover, he gained notoriety due to his crimes rather than his musical ventures. He is mostly known for being a close associate to rapper Quando Rondo, with whom King Von had gunfire.

Likewise, the news of Lul Tim’s death and gunshots were just a hoax as he seems fine today.

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