Is Richard Reichle Racist? Everything About Walmart Video On TikTok

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The retired Los Angeles fireman Richard Reichle is called racist after verbally abusing an employee of Walmart.

Richard Reichle is a retired Los Angeles fireman and a police officer.

The veteran was filmed in the Walmart of Lincoln, Nebraska after he supposedly made racist comments on the employee.

Reichle was called racist by the woman who filmed a video and following the video, the employee was a woman who could not speak English properly.

The former police officer is seen shouting at the employee for asking him to stop being racist.

After the video has found its place on the web, the netizens have shared their thoughts on the social media platform and they are furious about the incident.

Is Richard Reichle Racist? Tik Tok Video About Walmart Explained

Richard Reichle’s video is yet to be found on Tik Tok but you can find the video on YouTube.

The former police officer and fireman Richard Reichle is called racist after the video was leaked on social media.

Several people have found the former officer to be a racist as well following the video.

Richard wants the employee to speak proper English and later says he is a fellow Christian.

When asked why he would talk like that to the employee, Reichle reminded the incident of 9/11 where he lost 343 fireman friends on the fire.

He also stated that if someone lives in America, they should learn a proper language. Richard also records a video on his cell phone calling the lady has verbally attacked him.

Richard also calls himself an MMA trainer in the video. Further, he said that he is the LA’s finest, and Jesus died on the cross for them.

In addition, he also claims to speak 5 different languages and he is 200 pounds of Iron.

Is Richard Reichle A UCLA Coach?

Richard Reichle coached at UCLA eight times.

He is also a former pro baseball player and was associated with UCLA for over 5 decades.

Richard’s father was also at UCLA for 45 years and during that time he coached baseball for 30 years and coached freshman football for 4 years.

Being an athlete, coach, and fireman in his lengthy career, Richard has had over 7 surgeries.

He was also known to work part-time as a nationally certified ski instructor in Northern California and a baseball coach during the spring and summer months.

Richard Reichle Age: How Old Is He?

Richard Reichle is believed to be in the age of late-60s.

However, the given age is based on the assumption of his appearance.

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