Is Ryan Stencel Dead Or Still Alive? Lancaster NY Car Accident Update – What Happened To Him?

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Ryan Stencel, one of the victims of the Lancaster NY car accident remained in critical condition following the accident while two other teens were pronounced dead at the scene. Is he dead or alive? Read till the end to find out what happened to him? 

Ryan Stencel was a victim of the Lancaster NY car accident.

On March 2, 2022, the news of the Erie Country single-car accident surfaced on the media. It was reported that the car accident happened on Wednesday night on Warner Road in Lancaster, New York, causing the death of two teens among the three.

People started paying tribute as soon as the news of their demise emerged. The family of teens is currently mourning their death at the moment.

Further details concerning the circumstances surrounding the crash are unknown at the moment. However, the investigation is currently ongoing.

What Happened To Ryan Stencel Lancaster NY? Car Accident Update – Is He Dead Or Alive?

Ryan Stencel Lancaster is one of the victims of the Lancaster NY Car accident.

He alongside two other teens named Kenzie Mycek and Molly Kaminski was also involved in the car accident. However, Kenzie and Molly were reported dead at the scene whilst Ryan, the vehicle driver remains in critical condition.

He was immediately taken to ECMC by LVAC and is still reported to be in critical condition. No news of his death has emerged so far which leaves us to believe that Ryan is still alive but in critical condition.

Ryan Stencel Age: How Old Is He?

Ryan Stencel’s age at the present is 19 years old.

According to the news that reported the car accident, he is mentioned to be a teen. Additionally, his exact age and birth date have not yet been disclosed to the public as of now.

Furthermore, there are no specific details about Ryan’s physical attributes on the internet right now.

Is Ryan Stencel On Instagram?

It is not known whether the vehicle driver Ryan Stencel is active on Instagram.

We can find plenty of users with the same name. However, we are not sure if he is actually active on Instagram. On the other hand, considering the fact that he is a teen, we believe that he must be active on Instagram. As there is no explicit details about him on the internet we are unable to find his Instagram handle at the moment.

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