Jenna Palek And Kennedy Eurich Drama: What Happened Between The BFF TikTok Influencers?

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What Are Jenna Palek And Kennedy Eurich drama? It seems like they both unfollowed each other on Instagram. Please continue reading for more intel on it.

Jenna Palek And Kennedy Eurich Both are TikTok influencers who have gathered several followers on social media handles.

Kennedy started using TikTok in March 2020, whereas Palek began posting on September 21 of 2019.

Both the content creator has gained some fans and followers with their respective content.

Likewise, Eurich is well-known for her comedy videos. Meanwhile, her BFF, Jenna, is famous for posing fashion videos and vlogs on each other accounts.

In addition, Jenna was born on September 30, 1997. Currently, she is 24 years old. Kennedy is 21 years old, i.e., she was born on August 5, 2000.

Jenna Palek And Kennedy Eurich Drama: What Happened Between The BFF TikTok Influencers?

Taking about the Drama, Jenna Palek and Kennedy Eurich are pretty known for being best friends forever. However, things got more interesting after the public found out they do not follow each other on Instagram.

People are arguing on the internet about why their best friend does not follow each other and wonder if they got into some serious fight over something.

This has created some serious drama all over the internet. Furthermore, we could find Jenna Palek Kennedy Eurich’s drama on TikTok, so people are pretty curious about it.

However, we are not sure about what has happened between them until and unless they disclosed any detail on it.

Who knows, maybe they’re merely unfollowing each other on Instagram to get into the media or the spotlight.


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Jenna Palek possessed a total of 361.3k followers with 22.2 million likes on her official TikTok handle. Similarly, her friend, Kennedy, has 905.4k followers with 65.1 million likes to date.

Palek was born and raised in Painesville, Ohio. On May 10, 2020, she shared a photo with her parents on social media.

Likewise, Kennedy has revealed her parents and brother’s picture as they have appeared on her Ig account.

Jenna Palek And Kennedy Eurich Beef On Reddit.

Going through the platform, Reddit, we learned that the BBF Jenna Palek and Kennedy Eurich do not follow each other on Instagram anymore.

After the news got posted on Reddit, many fans wondered about it and searched if the statement was true or not.

Furthermore, we researched their respective Instagram accounts, and then we learned that they had not followed each other at present.

The public is Beefing about them not following each other despite being Best Friend Forever on social media handles.

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