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Joel Osteen is a very famous and renowned American pastor, televangelist, business person and author. He is based in Houston, Texas.

joel osteen divorce has written many books that have been widely liked and appreciated by the viewers. We know that celebrities and all the big guns out there are never left around! Paparazzi is always around to make a big news!

Osteen has many rumours surrounding his life including his divorce about which we will be talking about here.

Osteen’s father was a southern Baptist pastor. He wanted the same for Osteen and forced him to preach for many years but preaching was just not Osteen’s cup of tea so he left that to work behind the scenes.

Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen

joel osteen divorce and married Victoria Osteen in 1987. His wife who is also a co-pastor in the Lakewood church where her father in Law used to work. The couple has survived almost three decades together and we consider it quite an achievement because we hear about many starts every day who haven’t been able to do.

Like every other normal couple these two must have faces some challenges as well and went through a rough patch in their married life, but the two are not getting divorce anytime soon.

The couple has been able to manage their problems together and together they are happily living in their big mansion in Houston.

Rumours are birthed every single day, they are nice to hear because who doesn’t like to gossip?

joel osteen divorce and Victoria have had a happy marriage but like every other couple they have been through some things that made the paparazzi to think that they’re heading for a divorce. For years this rumour has been nothing but a rumour itself and there is no truth to it. The couple have 2 beautiful children Jonathan and Alexandra Osteen.  And although the couple hasn’t spoken about this or have addressed the audience, but the two seem to live happily in their house with their children.

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