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Real Name:Jorge Fernando Garcia
Birthday:April 28, 1973
Net Worth:$5 million
Height:183 cm
Occupation:American Actor, Comedian

Many fans recognize Jorge Garcia thanks to his part in Hawaii Five-O. Some recognize him for his short sting in How I Met Your Mother. He portrayed a really unlucky character, Blitz. Jorge is an amazing actor, but throughout his career, he had one problem. And that was his weight. But in the past few years, the 47-year old actor changed his habits. Let’s take a look at Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey.

Even before he started his weight loss journey, producers asked him to lose weight. Producers of Lost wanted him to slim down. At the time, he weighed 400 pounds. Now, Jorge serves as a role model for people who want to lose weight in a natural and healthy way. Fans find Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey an inspiring story.

How Much Weight Did he Lose?

During Lost, Jorge managed to shed the initial 30 pounds. Yet, he got frustrated and went back to his unhealthy eating habits. So, even though he shed some pounds in time for the filming of Lost, he still had close to 400 pounds.

Many fans speculate that he had gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. But the reality is different. Garcia went to work and thanks to a rigorous exercising routine and healthy diet, he managed to slim down.

So, how much weight did he lose? Well, after a diet and exercise routine, he lost more than 100 pounds from his initial weight of 400 pounds.

He followed the Nooch diet, powered by deactivated yeast. While no studies and research suggest the Nooch diet helps you lose extra pounds, Jorge is a great example. The diet encourages healthy eating habits and ingredients like spinach, veggies, carrots, protein, and fibrous food. Garcia also stopped drinking alcohol.

Before he embarked on his Jorge Garcia weight loss journey, his weight served as a threat to his career. Now, he looks amazing.

Here is How he Got There

Let’s take a look at the full Jorge Garcia weight loss journey. For many years, the media described him as the largest member of the cast of Lost. Due to his size and weight, Garcia stood out. His weight started to pose a concern for him, his friends, family, and even co-stars. The producers of Lost actually asked him to shed some pounds for filming.

And he managed to lose 30 pounds before the filming of Lost. But he didn’t feel great about it. In fact, he says that losing those 30 pounds proved extremely painful and discouraging. So, he went back to his eating habits. Some say he struggled with food addiction.

Garcia’s destructive eating and drinking habits controlled his life. He started changing his habits for Lost, but things didn’t work out as good.

But it served as a wake-up call. He then started to change his habits and asked for help from nutrition experts and workout coaches. Jorge had great success with the Nooch diet. Famous as the Nutritional Yeast diet, it helps you lose weight thanks to the use of deactivated yeast. It breaks down fats.

During his journey, he experienced some failed attempts. But he started initially replacing greasy foods with fruits and vegetables. He then made the gradual transition into low carbs and high protein foods. But most importantly, he quit drinking alcohol.

Garcia asked workout coaches to craft an exercise regime and plan for him. He got help from expert dieticians and workout trainers. He combines his diet with push ups, sit ups, jogging, and running for some cardio.

Jorge Garcia Diet Rules

No diet works for everyone. We have to stress that before you try the same diet Jorge used for his weight loss plan. What works for you, might not work for your friend. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the diet rules for someone whose body is similar to Jorge’s.

The main rule is to drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water per day. And at the same time, you should avoid drinking alcoholImportant notice: booze adds a lot of calories to your daily intake.

You should avoid ingredients like potatoes, beef, butter, bread, cheese, milk, and soda. Work out every day, and you will come out fine.

For the first day of the week, eat fruits only. You can eat as many fruits as you like. These fibrous foods help you burn fat easily. On the second day, go for vegetables, raw or boiledThe third day allows you to combine fruits and vegetables.

The fourth day is the weird one. You have to eat 8 bananas and 4 glasses of milk. Day five comes with another weird aspect, you have to eat 6 large tomatoes, fish or chicken breasts, and brown rice.

The sixth day brings chicken breast or fish on the table, along with brown rice and vegetables. During the last day of the week, you can eat brown rice, vegetables, fruits, and juices.

Jorge Garcia Workout Regime

No weight loss plan works only with diet. You have to combine diet and exercise for a successful journey. And the Jorge Garcia weight loss journey has a couple of exercises. Let’s take a look at his exercise routine.

Jorge has 11 exercises in his routine. He combines them and sometimes tries variations of the exercises. The 11 main exercises include arms circles, wrist rotation, shoulder rotation, neck rotation, jogging or running, stairs running, sit-ups, air cycling, pushups, and then face and breathing exercises.

Where is he now?

Jorge Garcia got famous thanks to Lost and Hawaii Five-0. He left the latter season in the tenth season. He now has new projects, like his role as Jerry Ortega.

In 2020, he will star in a couple of movies. As of October 2020, Jorge Garcia’s net worth is more than $5 million. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Jorge grew up in Southern California.

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