Kenya Duke blows up estranged husband Gary Owen and alleged mistress-he claims to pay for a $ 600 escort

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The rain of anger at Kenya Duke’s estranged husband, comedian Gary Owen, doesn’t seem to stop soon.

Kenya Duke has consistently released details of his marriage to Gary for nearly 18 years since he announced that he had filed for divorce in March.

Kenya ranted on Wednesday targeting a woman who claimed to be dealing with Gary, even though she knew she was married.

“You didn’t [know] @garyowencomedy is married and doesn’t seem to care if he hasn’t seen his child yet (it’s weird because you’re a baby mama) he hasn’t financially supported his wife yet, “says Kenya. It seems. It refers to her previous rant that she claimed she had not paid the bill or had not seen the children for months.

Kenya continued. “He sent me zero money (from the company I’m helping to build) I’m still paying his bills. The Bahamas and Florida spend the money of our family Did you enjoy? You can have him, but you don’t have the money, NOPE !!! “

Kenya then advised nurses to “hire a lawyer” because they claimed that women were the “most” of divorces.

“Gurl, I can’t wait to see the tan in court,” Kenya told the woman. “By the way … your friends don’t like you. They spill all your cheating tea here.”

She then turned her attention to her estranged husband, claiming that his alleged escort was spilling his tea.

Kenya hinted that Gary would soon drop cash on these women, but their marriage was cheap.

“I don’t care about any of these paid relationships, but I think $ 600 is too expensive in 30 minutes. When I tried to order a $ 12.00 side dish when eating out, I stumbled … Wow. -! “Kenya said. “What I care about is that you are doing the right thing financially for me.”

Kenya Duke blows up estranged husband Gary Owen and alleged mistress-he claims to pay for a $ 600 escort.

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