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There’s scarcely anyone out there who hasn’t heard of the rise of the eSports gaming industry. CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends are just three of the huge names that have earned worldwide recognition since 2010, when eSports really took off in a major way around the globe.

It isn’t too surprising, then, that Kevin Kiechler, a former NFL agent and advertising executive with 40 years in the business recognised the potential that this burgeoning sector could offer. Thanks to his expertise in both the sporting and marketing arenas, he spotted a niche in the market that was just waiting to be filled – a way for gamers to effectively re-hydrate.

Fuelling Up For Success

Kevin Kiechler decided to harness the power of his experience and expertise in both the sporting and advertising sectors, and paired up with others who had the necessary experience in the hydration and supplements industries. The result was Fuel Up Hydration – a company designed to fill this gaping hole in the eSports marketplace.

Fuel Up Hydration was founded on the principle of developing products and services specifically for distribution via esports channels. Yet, very quickly, Kiechler realised that its products appealed to many other people, not only gamers. With this in mind, he rapidly expanded his company’s target market, including young professionals, weekend warriors and athletes in his audience.

The result was truly impressive – a ever-increasing and loyal group of followers on his organisation’s social media platforms made up of customers who have found just what they were seeking in Fuel Up’s hydration drink.

Revolutionary Supplements For Optimised Performance

Kevin Kiechler knew first-hand that athletes are looking for an effective way to gain energy while on the move. So, taking inspiration from his experience as an NFL agent, he was determined that Fuel Up would be designed to help gamers, fitness buffs and athletes achieve more.

Working in collaboration with his team of skilled nutritionists and top scientists, he set to work on devising a unique formula which would produce sustained nutrition along with speedy and powerful hydration and it is this special formulation that has set Fuel Up Hydration apart from its competitors and has led to it becoming such a success.

Kiechler added another string to his bow with the brand-new Rest+ supplement which joined Wake and Play in the product line-up. Designed to help athletes and gamers alike achieve beneficial rest after long hours of participation and concentration, this new addition to the Fuel Up Hydration family contains melatonin which is associated with achieving a healthy and restful sleep.

Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients and nutrients in this supplement, it can support rejuvenation, cell hydration, relaxation and recovery – all the things that any keen sportsperson requires after a long day of competing.

Moving His Vision Forward

Thanks to the success of Fuel Up Hydration and its impressive reputation across the athletic and eSporting industries, it goes without saying that Kevin Kiechler is keen to move his vision forward. Committed and dedicated to enhancing and improving his product line, he is set to continue working on new and exciting additions in the months and years to come. It seems like Kevin Kiechler and Fuel Up will be fuelling up for success into the long-term!

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