Laura Cathcart Robbins Wikipedia Husband: Facts To Know About Brian Robbins’ Ex-Wife

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The ex-wife of Brian Robbins, Laura Cathcart Robbins, has shared her journey of motherhood and revealed that she used to be a drunk mom. Here is everything you need to know about Actor Brian’s ex-wife Laura.

Laura Cathcart Robbins is a publicist, Studio City-based freelance writer, and host of the popular podcast, The Only One In The Room,

In addition, she is also popularly known to be the ex-wife of Brian Robbins. In fact, her ex-husband is the current Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures and an American film executive, actor, and filmmaker.

Well, many fans already know a lot of information regarding Brian, as his bio has been covered in Wikipedia as well.

However, fans are curious to discover more about Laura after their shocking divorce and separation. Keep on scrolling below to read more.

Laura Cathcart Robbins Wikipedia & Bio

Unlike her ex-husband Brian, Laura Cathcart Robbins has not been featured on the official page of Wikipedia yet.

However, we have managed to extract some legit information about her from reliable sources.

Laura Cathcart Robbins is a storyteller, podcast host, and freelance writer.

In addition, she is the host of The Only One In The Room, a popular podcast available on all audio platforms and a winner of the 2018 LA Moth StorySlam.

Furthermore, Laura is presently on the advisory boards of the San Diego Writers Festival and the Outliers HQ Podcast Festival.

Moreover, Laura was also a member of the nation’s first memoirist collective, Moving Forewords.

Brian Robbins’ Ex-Wife Laura Cathcart Robbins Age

The ex-wife of Brian Robbins, Laura Cathcart Robbins’s current age, is estimated to be around 45 to 50 years old.

However, the professional writer has not revealed her actual to the public age as of now.

Interestingly, in an interview with Huff Post, she had revealed that her old friend Tracy James, Brian’s current wife is 12 years younger than her.

On the other hand, Brian Levine, who is professionally known as Brian Robbins, is currently 57 years old.

Laura Cathcart Robbins Family

Talking about Laura Cathcart Robbins’s family, she is currently living with her children and boyfriend.

In fact, she currently lives with her son Justin and partner Scott Slaughter in Studio City, California.

As mentioned above, Laura was married to Brian, and they had two kids, Miles and Justin, before divorcing in 2013.

Later her husband, Robbins, married Tracy James, who was Laura’s friend the following year. Stella is the name of their daughter.

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