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The best PowerPoint presentations out there come completely packed with all kinds of advanced infographic options. They give you all the features you need to create a professional and creative presentation. Let’s learn about the best ppt presentation templates free download that are rich in infographics. 

Oracle PowerPoint Template 

This infographic template for PowerPoint is designed especially for corporate and business presentations. It contains well over 90 unique and vintage style PowerPoint slide presentation templates. This makes it ideal for presenting any type of statistical analysis and surveys enjoyably. Their presentation graphics are very easily made so that you can create as many data-driven PowerPoint slideshows as you want. 

Matrix PowerPoint theme

This PowerPoint presentation infographic slide includes a flat infographic style PowerPoint theme. You can use it for multi-purpose business presentations. This free PowerPoint presentation template is great for social media checkpoints, finance or sales presentations, data updates, company profiles and more. Apart from that, it features 35 unique PPT slides and more than 400 free icons and a variety of colour options. The number of options you get from Matrix, make it a great choice to use as an infographic template for PowerPoint.

Maximus customisable ppt templates

Maximus is a great choice if you’re looking for an infographic template for PowerPoint. With Maximus, you get over 50 unique presentation slides that have tables, charts, data visualization and maps. Each of these infographic ppt presentation templates is resizable and customisable. They, however, aren’t free but come with a variety of options that make it the best free business ppt templates

Crypto Animated Infographics

Cryptocurrency is changing economies of the world. However, it’s still a vast subject and quite difficult to understand. With the help of infographic templates for PowerPoint presentations, you can explain the topic in a simple way that makes sense. This way, your audience will appreciate you using an infographic slide to showcase understanding. With Crypto Animated infographic templates you get graphics that show the power of using visual elements to explain complex ideas. 

Gadget Infographic Templates PowerPoint

This infographic template is the best if you’re looking to bring ideas to life. This PowerPoint presentation template focuses on device mockups. This slide takes screenshots and then adds them to the mockup. Be it an iPhone, Apple Watch or laptop screenshot, this presentation infographic template covers everything. 

Cycle PowerPoint infographics 

It’s very easy to see how businesses are a series of cycles. To make sure they look like structured steps coming together to run the business, you need a PowerPoint infographic template like Cycle to help you describe every point in key steps. To keep your team moving and showcase your sequences you need data presentation templates like this. 

Orin creative PowerPoint templates 

This creative PowerPoint template set is the best new PPT template available today. It’s got a very minimalist design throughout the presentation that puts forward the content and message in a comprehensive fashion. There are more than four dozen unique slides that have all kinds of content on them. With such ppt templates, you’ll get world maps, infographic charts and device mockups to show your application or website. Sides are also pre-animated to showcase each new content piece stylishly. Apart from that Orin has over 509 editable icons that make the whole process super easy. 

Universe Business Solutions PowerPoint Presentation Templates 

These infographic PowerPoint presentation slides have almost everything you need to help you present a case with the required data. Audiences react well to infographics because that’s how they make advanced concepts that are easy to follow and understand. With the Universe PowerPoint templates, you get hundreds of layouts which you can customize with ease and unlimited creative options. Unlike so many of ppt infographics found online, these are designed professionally with over 90 colour themes.

Imperial Infographic Template PowerPoint

Imperial multipurpose ppt template is one of the best PowerPoint presentation templates out there. It helps you put together a compelling message for both big and small audiences. This professionally designed presentation pack evolves around sharing ideas and simplifying major data. Not only does this include a full deck of infographics, but it also comes with all kinds of designs that will help you create a complete slide deck. They have around 100 colour palette themes and over 550 custom slides. Both dark and themes are available to change the background. You can get charts, mockups, tables, timelines maps and more. 

Comprehensive Business Solutions

It’s really important to look for an extra value in a single download when you’re searching for PowerPoint presentation templates. The best thing about this bundle is that it comes in a 2-1 pack. It combines two powerful and robust infographic business templates into one. Giving you the chance to exude creative flexibility in one single purchase. With two template designs each, you also get around 645 customizable slides and a bunch of infographics layouts such as data visuals, graphics, maps, SWOT analysis and more. All of them are styled together with 90 different color themes so that you can easily match your branding with the new slide deck. 

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