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Lori Jo Hoekstra’s profile has yet to be included on Wikipedia’s official page. She is best recognized as the production partner of Norm MacDonald.

Lori Jo Hoekstra is a producer who worked on Norm MacDonald’s first written scripted ‘Norm’. She went on to create a TV movie of Macdonald’s called ‘Norm Macdonald Live’ and ‘Norm Macdonald Has a Show’.

She is most known for being Norm Macdonald’s long-time companion and production partner.

Recently, Norm died after a decade-long battle with cancer. Lori was by his side when he died away. Fans and friends were taken aback by the news.

Lori Jo Hoekstra Wikipedia

Lori Jo Hoekstra’s early life is unfortunately not well documented. She hasn’t revealed much about her family’s background either.

There is currently only a little information available regarding her professional life. The producer cannot be found on Instagram or other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

In that sense, she hasn’t revealed anything about her private life.

However, it is known that Lori was Norm MacDonald’s management business and longstanding production partner. According to Deadline, she just revealed Norm’s death, revealing that he had been battling illness for almost a decade.

He was 61 years old at the time of his death. Lori was by Norm’s bedside when he died.

Were Lori Jo Hoekstra & Norm MacDonald Dating Each Other?

No, Lori Jo Hoekstra and Norm MacDonald were not dating, but they were close friends. There is no formal declaration proving that they were in a relationship.

Lori would have a greater understanding of Norm than the majority of people. Following the loss of a friend, she gave some personal insight.

Likewise, one look at her IMDb, and it’s clear just how intertwined Lori Jo Hoekstra and Norm Macdonald were. Hoekstra has been a part of Norm Macdonald’s television career since the late 1990s.

Norm MacDonald was a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor from Canada who was noted for his deadpan style.

As mentioned, Lori is a Norm expert in almost every way. She discussed why he chose to keep his cancer diagnosis private, and his comedic philosophy as a whole.

Furthermore, Norm kept his struggle hidden from his family, friends, and even admirers. According to Lori, he didn’t want the disease to define him.

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