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You have landed on our article as you look for how to put on makeup like a model.

Yes, we all have been there!

Makeup Like a Model

Putting on makeup can feel like such a complicated task at times.

Many look up makeup tutorials on YouTube and TikTok, and it seems so easy, but when we try the same steps, we get totally different results.

If you are still reading, then you agree with us.

Nowhere can we actually find someone starting from simple basics to let us know how to put on makeup like a model.

Every girl or boy who loves to wear makeup will have a bag full of cosmetics but with no idea on how to get the model look.

Who does not look at a model and just wish they could do their makeup as flawlessly as they have?

We have the top tricks and hacks for you to get the model look.

Tips to Put on Makeup like a Model

how to put makeup like a “Flawless” Model by following easy tips.

  1. Face-cleanse
  2. Rosewater Spray can be used.
  3. Apply moisturizer to the face.
  4. Apply a heavy-duty moisturizer on your skin.
  5. Scrape your lips to remove dead skin cells.
  6. Apply many foundations and concealers.
  7. Underneath your foundation, apply a blush.
  8. Precision is required when removing eye goop.
  9. Keep an eye on your nose-blowing (Seriously!)
  10. Apply lip balm to various places of your face.
  11. Lipstick on the teeth is not a good idea.
  12. Take into account the seasons.
  13. Select the Appropriate Level of Consistency
  14. Apply a little layer of foundation.
  15. Select the Best Primer
  16. Use Natural Light to Apply
  17. Downward Strokes should be used.
  18. Over the Ears and Neck, blend
  19. Makeup and lotion should be applied to the entire body.
  20. The touch-ups go on and on.

Always start by cleansing

Many overlook this step as they say, “We cleansed in the morning or before,” and by ‘before’ it usually means a couple of hours before.

To get the overall model look, you need to cleanse beforehand, as it will make your skin look smoother and even out all your skin tone.

Always remember to use a soft and mild cleanser.

Moreover, a mistake that many do is not to let their face air dry or just pat lightly with a towel.

Do not, and we mean it that do not rub your face on the towel.

Shay Mitchell, the PLL star, loves the Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser.

Never forget to moisturize

Moisturizing and putting on sunscreen is important before you start applying makeup; no matter whether you have dry or oily skin.

Use a lightweight moisturizer to smooth your skin and mattify your makeup.

According to Matin Maulawizada, a New York-based makeup artist, the best way to put on the moisturizer is by warming it in your hand and massaging it into your skin, going upwards and in circular motions.

Moisturizing is a non-negotiable step!

Lisa Butler, the makeup artist, loves the Sanctuary Instant Illuminating Beauty Balm.

Primer For Minimal Look

Let us be honest, many do not know why using a primer is important.

They do know that one should put it on, but why? That is not known!

A primer will act as a protective layer to help ensure skin oil and moisturizer do not mix with your makeup.

Moreover, it will fill lines and acne scars to ensure your makeup gives a smooth look with no crease in it.

No person has a smooth as a baby’s bottom skin, but models always look like they do, all thanks to using a primer.

The celebrity makeup artist, Delina Medhin, loves Becca’s Ever-Matte Poreless Perfecting Primer.

Eye makeup before foundation!

Before you get on with applying your makeup or foundation, do your eye makeup and get it out of the way.

How many times have you had to start all over because you dropped your eyeshadow or your mascara touched your nose and make your face look all kinds of black and blue?

For a more vibrant look, apply a white shadow as the base layer to make the eyeshadow colors more prominent.

Again, remember to apply a primer beforehand to lessen the oiliness and creased lids.

Keep Mascara light or away

Do you ever look at a model’s eyelashes, and they look so long but with no excessive residue like it’s natural?

Who does not want naturally long eyelashes?

Everyone does, but it’s not all possible.

However, the rule to applying mascara like a model is by keeping it light or leaving it out altogether to get a grungier look.

The best way to keep it light is by starting the mascara at the roots and doing a zigzag motion as you move it upwards.

Remember to use a tissue to wipe any excess mascara away.

Do not do too many layers, as it makes it prominent that you’re wearing mascara.

Try the Tarte sea surfer curl Volumizing mascara.

Light Coverage

Keep the foundation coverage light. Do not Paint the foundation as many do.

Do not get confused.

You can use a brush, your fingers, or even a beauty blender; whatever you use, buff (bounce) the foundation on your skin to get a light layered, smooth coverage.

When looking to get the most matching foundation shade, the right way is by testing it on your jawline or chest.

Try waiting at least 20 minutes after your skincare routine before you apply foundation, as it will stop your foundation from getting cakey.

Different concealer for different parts

Do not use the same concealer for everything.

Peachy tone concealers are best for under-eye circles, and green tones are best for red spots.

Once you do that, then you can use your skin shade concealer to cover it all up.

Layer your concealer, and do not put it thickly all at once.

You apply a small layer of concealer, let it sit for a minute or two, and then apply more if needed.

Layer, always layer!

Apply Lipstick & lip gloss

Before we tell you how to apply lipstick, ensure you exfoliate your lips to get rid of dry skin.

So the first step is to exfoliate.

The best way to put on lip products is by going through the following steps:

  1. Apply a lip liner first
  2. Then comes the lipstick
  3. Lastly, apply lip gloss.

For a laid-back look, you can apply just lip gloss.

Putting lip gloss on top of lipstick makes it last longer and gives it a fuller and more perfect look for when you pout!

Setting Powder & Setting Spray

After putting all that effort into getting a perfect model-like look, you would want it to stay put.

The best way is by applying a setting powder or spray or both.

It gets recommended by makeup artists to use the setting powder on the areas of your face where you crease or are most oily to create a perfect finish look.

A setting spray on top of the powder will make it last longer and give your skin a more natural look if that’s what you’re going for.

The setting spray to try is Cover FX High-Performance Setting Spray and for the setting powder, try out the Bellápierre Cosmetics banana setting powder in medium.

Final Thoughts

These simple tips on each step of putting on your makeup will help you put on your makeup like a model. Follow the simple yet useful tips to get a look that everyone will love! If you know a simple trick or tip that we missed out on, let us know.


How can I look like a model?

To act and feel like a model, start by working on your posture, wear high heels, practice your supermodel walk, polish your skin and hair. Also, do not forget your huge smile!

Do models do their own makeup?

Models usually know how to do their hair and makeup perfectly, but most of the time for shoots or shows, they prefer to book and use makeup artists.

Do models have to wear makeup?

Yes, for their jobs they usually have to wear makeup. However, when going for casting, they prefer to see the model in their natural skin.

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