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Whether you are a project manager, a student/teacher, a data analyst, a researcher, or a content creator, productive use of a PC is important for everyone. There could be multiple projects or tasks on which you need to work in parallel. Therefore, it is crucial to organize the apps and data in an efficient manner. Just the way you remember ways on ‘how to restore tabs, how to arrange the apps on desktop screen, or how to manage the work-life and entertainment life separately, there is a need to look for some productivity software that acts as an all-in-one solution for all your profile management needs.

Work-Life vs Entertainment-Life

If you have one PC to manage both your work-life and entertainment life, it becomes critically important to make dedicated profiles, separate the repositories, use different browsers with different logins and accounts, etc. However, it is difficult to do everything manually every time. For instance, if you are on your work profile, you might be working on the following apps side by side:

  • MS Office files
  • Photoshop
  • Visual Studio or Android Studio
  • Analytics tools
  • Skype
  • Browsers, etc.

Whereas if you are in an entertainment mood, you have opened,

  • Netflix
  • Youtube
  • Games
  • Music
  • Google Play Books, etc.

It is very inefficient to manage different types of apps, multiple browsers, .exe files, and both entertainment and work-related data in one place. The browser extensions, history, and tabs get jumbled up with each other which makes access difficult when you need something immediately. To eliminate this mess, it is important to separate work life from entertainment life. For this, you can separate the displays and profiles on one PC. This way is even more useful when you have more than one user at home or office for one PC.

The ultimate solution is to work smart and find out the ways that help you in efficient profile management and increase productivity at work. 

Separate Profiles and Displays

SmartWindows allows you to auto-arrange all your apps’ windows, on one and multiple displays with just one click. If you write, code, design, and play games at the same time, SmartWindows helps you create multiple profiles and displays and configure the window size and the display position to your liking. You can create unlimited profiles and up to 6 displays using SmartWindows.

SmartWindows works like this:

  • Set up the desktop screen with your favorite apps.
  • Resize apps’ windows and adjust their display position.
  • Create a profile on SmartWindows.
  • Save the configuration of the screen.

Click ‘Restore’ to auto-restore all the adjustments on your desktop screen you made the last time. SmartWindows is feature-rich productivity software that eliminates excessive clicks to switch between multiple applications. It gives a 360-degree view of all your apps and optimizes the way you work. You can create unlimited profiles and multiple displays on your Windows 10 using SmartWindows. 

Auto-Arrange & Auto-Restore with SmartWindows

There are some tasks we do on a daily basis and consume much of our time. For instance, every day when we start up our PC, we spend a significant amount of time opening the apps we use on a regular basis, open browsers, arrange the window size of apps, and adjust the position of the apps on the screen, etc. 

Instead of manually arranging the desktop screen every day, SmartWindows brings a one-click solution to auto-arrange and auto-restore all the apps you use on your display screen. Let’s look at the features of SmartWindows that make your Windows 10 smarter enough to separate work-life from entertainment-life in a very organized manner.

Make Windows 10 remember window positions and size with SmartWindows!

Multi-Browser & Multi-Tab Support

SmartWindows gives support to all the browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. It allows users to restore the tabs of each browser with just one click. You do not need to separately restore the tabs of each browser. SmartWindows keeps the active tab history and URLs of each browser. It also helps manage browsers for work and entertainment separately. 

So when are you making your Windows 10 smarter than ever before?

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