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Donald Rolle is not available on Wikipedia as of now but this serial killer is charged with premeditated first-degree murder, felony murder, and kidnapping.

In October 2008, a judge took about six hours to convict 47-year-old Donald Rolle on the first charge of murder, manslaughter, and kidnapping.

The lawyer tried to argue that the attack had taken place immediately and was the only murder.

The prosecutor presented additional evidence of Donald”s violent behavior with his ex-girlfriends. At his sentencing, he did not apologize.

Who Is Donald Rolle? His Wikipedia Explored

Donald Rolle is a murderer who murdered his own girlfriend while they were on a date. His son Daniel says he does not understand how his father could kill, and his childhood was marked by red flags warning his father of violence and danger.

Jennifer Randel was dating Rolle at the time, and they were on a date at a bar in Evansville, Wyoming, on November 3, 2007. Little did she know that this was the last few hours she would be seen alive.

Sometime around 9:30 PM that same day, Jennifer called 911 to report that she had been arrested against her will and did not know where she had been taken.

Police immediately knew who was guilty. During a 911 call that lasted about 9 minutes, Jennifer identified Donald Rolle as the person who took her.

The authorities searched for her all night but could not find her. The next morning, a farmer came in to tell the authorities about a car parked in a ditch in the remote Casper area. Police found Jennifer inside the car, dead.

Donald Rolle Age & Background 

Donald Rolle is age 47 as of now but he was 33 years of age when he was convicted of a crime by murdering Jennifer Randel.

Rolle and his wife and children lived in Wyoming. The children’s grandparents were in North Dakota as they used to take a long trip to visit grandma’s house every few months.

They stayed there for several weeks at a time. It always sounded like it was just lucky and unplanned, and they would miss school. Looking back, his son now thinks that it is strange that their father did not come with them on this trip.

Jennifer Randel Death Case Updated

Jennifer Randel and Donald Rolle had a toxic relationship that lasted for several years. There is a history of him being violent towards her.

As part of his probation conditions, Donald was denied to contact with Jennifer. But despite that, they were together at a bar on November 3.

In Donald’s case, his sons testified that they had seen his father beat his mother in the past. Rolle admitted to beating Jennifer but said he did it because she first attacked him with a knife.

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