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Who is Mia Sharrocks?

Mia Sharrocks is a celebrity child, well-known for being the daughter of Fiona Elizabeth Bruce who is a British journalist, television presenter, and newsreader.

Mia Sharrocks is mainly known because of her mother’s affluence. Obviously so. In this post, I will share with you Mia Sharrocks biography, career, family, hobbies, net worth, and some other things you probably didn’t know about her. Before we continue, let’s take a quick look at her profile.

Profile Summary

Mia Sharrocks Biography

The famous celebrity daughter, Mia Sharrocks was born in 2001 to the family of Mr. Nigel Sharrock, and Mrs. Fiona Elizabeth Bruce in England, United Kingdom.

Mia grew up with her parents(Nigel, and Elizabeth), and especially his brother (Sam), with whom she shared her childhood days and memories.

Although information regarding Mia’s educational background is not known to the public, information about her family is, in fact, available.

Mia Sharrocks Career

Just like her educational background, information regarding her career is not known to the public. Moreover, she is still young and might not have started a career. Presumably, anyway.

Since she is 20 years old at the time of this publication, Mia might be a college student (undergraduate) at the time.

Mia Sharrocks Family

Mia has a ‘big brother’ who is three years older than her with whom she shared her childhood memories. Sam Sharrocks is the name of her brother (he was probably born in 1998, judging from the three years age difference between him and his sister Mia.)

While Rosemary Bruce and John Bruce are her maternal grandmother and father respectively, Fiona Elizabeth Bruce and Nigel Sharrocks are her parents. Her mother, Fiona Elizabeth Bruce is a well-known British journalist, television presenter, and newsreader.

Mia Sharrocks Hobbies

At her leisure, Mia enjoys reading books, shooting photos, traveling, and listening to music. While reading and listening to music are her hobbies, Mia loves traveling around the world, and shooting photos, but not as a hobby.

Mia Sharrocks Personal Life

The 20-year-old celebrity daughter keeps most information about her life personal and so information regarding her personal life is unknown at the time. And, yes, Mia is more likely focusing on herself and school as she is currently not in any relationship.

Mia Sharrocks Parents’ Marriage

As earlier pointed out, Nigel Sharrocks and Fiona Elizabeth Bruce are Mia Sharrocks’ parents. They (Mia’s parents) got married in 1994 after meeting at an event, where Nigel was director of the advertising agency Elizabeth had worked with.

The couple tied the knot in the late ’90s and have lived together as husband and wife for more than two decades and counting. Interestingly, they have two children together.

Mia Sharrocks Net worth

At the time of this publication, Mia’s net worth is not estimated. However, we will update this post (in the future) as soon as it is made available for public consumption.

What else do you want to know about Mia Sharrocks? Tell me about it with a comment box.

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