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Miles Alexander Teller was born on February 20, 1987, in the Philadelphia suburb of Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Miles Teller is an American actor and is best known for the following films.

  • The Spectacular Now
  • Whiplash
  • The Divergent Series
  • War Dogs
  • Bleed for This
  • Thank You for Your Service.

Miles has been in a relationship with model Keleigh Sperry since 2013. They were engaged at the Molori Safari Lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa, on August 20, 2017. They got married in Maui, Hawaii on September 1, 2019.

Keleigh Sperry is a Model and Actress. She was born on  October 16, 1992, in Orange County, California, USA.

Keleigh Sperry Age

Keleigh Sperry is 29 years old.

Keleigh Sperry Net Worth

Keleigh Sperry’s net worth is estimated between $500K to USD 700K.

Keleigh Sperry Movies

Keleigh Sperry is well known for Carpet (1995), Dance (2017), Opeth – The Devils Orchary, and E! Live from the Red.

Keleigh Sperry Wedding

Keleigh Sperry and Miles’ wedding took place on September 1, 2019. in Maui, Hawaii.

Keleigh Sperry Height

Keleigh Sperry stands at an average height of 1.7 meters.

Keleigh Sperry Tattoo

Keleigh Sperry has the letters ‘MT’ tattooed on her back.

This Instagram post by Sperry shows the tiny tattoo on her left butt.

Keleigh Sperry Vaccine

After Rodgers’ anti-vaccination comments. Images were circulating with him and Woodley on vacation with Teller and Sperry circulated online. As such it is believed Keleigh Sperry is in support of Rodgers’ comments.

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