Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Resume

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What Is A Resume?

A resume is more than just a piece of paper; it is a formal document that describes your qualifications and includes information like skills, education, work experience, accomplishments, etc. A resume is a requirement for job seekers. There are several formats for a resume and the type of format depends on the type of job an applicant is applying for. A resume is the first impression of an applicant that showcases their abilities.

Is It Necessary To Have A Resume?

Many job seekers assume that a resume is just a document that presents their abilities in front of employers. A resume is more than just a document representing an applicant. It has the power of influencing the hiring decisions of employers. Resume writing services India shows that the actual goal of a resume is to convince the employer that the applicant is worth interviewing. It is important to have a convincing and accurate resume to present in front of employers. 

There are three types of resumes: functional resumes, chronological resumes, and combination resumes:

  • Functional resumes are used when there is a requirement of highlighting skills over work experience. 
  • A chronological resume will tell about the work experience (the experience is mentioned in chronological order i.e. the most recent job on the top). 
  • A combination resume focuses on both skills and work experience equally. These resumes should be used according to their requirement in a job. 

Points To Avoid Adding In A Resume 

While writing a resume an applicant might think that they are giving the employer several reasons to hire. But, that’s not true. Any hiring authority can ascertain from the resume whether an applicant is worth hiring or not. It is necessary to understand what should be included in the resume and what should be avoided. Here are a few things that should be avoided while writing a resume to keep it eye-catching.

  • Unnecessary personal information: A resume puts forward the reasons why an applicant should be hired for a specific job. So it is always better to stick to the very important information only. Expressing religious beliefs or political opinions can reduce the chances of getting hired to a larger extent. You can add the professional skills that you have related to the work profile, which would make you a better applicant. 
  • Grammatical errors or spelling mistakes: Grammatical or spelling errors can influence the employer negatively. For solving this problem, you must proofread the resume before submission. Focus on each word to prevent any mistakes in the resume. You must remember, the resume is a very influential tool.
  • Too much information: A resume that is relevant to job type is good but adding information that is not necessary can affect the chances of getting the job. Keep in mind, an employer receives numerous resumes in a day for a single position. Your resume needs to seek the attention of the employer out of all the other resumes. Adding a lot of information to the resume can hide the important details that must be noticed. So, it would be better to add only the necessary details to the resume.
  • Organizing: Apart from the written information, another important thing is how the information is structured in the resume. A well-built resume would be more catchy and creative and will help in gaining the attention of the employer. 
  • Extra content: A resume should mainly focus on the employer’s attention so it would be beneficial to remove unnecessary content from the resume. The things that are not needed in a resume are a photograph, current salary, details of short-term roles, etc. This information might reduce the main purpose of the resume. Thus, only add the information that is needed.
  • Images or graphical elements: Images can create a better understanding but a resume is not the right place to present it. This could be a sign of being unprofessional, crude, and it is just a waste of space. It would be more suitable to stick to words only.
  • Incorrect information: According to the resume writing services India, all the details in the resume, especially contact information, should be correct. Any incorrect contact detail can bring down the chances of getting the job. Proofread all the information more than once and make sure your resume is correct.
  • Salary status: Putting previous salary status or desired salary in the resume can result in a negative impact on the employer; also it shows that the applicant is presumptuous. It’s a thousand times better to not talk about money. If there is a need to negotiate the salary, talk with the employer later, but never mention it in the resume. 
  • Section of keywords: Companies use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) in which resumes are scanned and are selected according to specific keywords that are related to the qualifications required in an applicant. These qualifications (and thus, the keywords) vary according to the type of job. To get through this ATS test, many people give a different section of keywords in their resume that looks unprofessional and can create a negative impact on the employer. This mistake should be prevented.
  • Objectives: Writing objectives in a resume like “to secure a position…..” should be avoided. A resume is an overview of professional qualifications and adding objectives makes it look like demanding what the company can offer. 


There are many ways that can make a resume influential but it’s in the hands of the applicant to either make it positive or negative. Preventing minute errors in a resume can make someone qualify for a job. 

According to resume writing services India, a resume is not only for defining professional status but it holds the power to influence the employer too. An employer reads hundreds of resumes regularly, thus the best way of making your resume outshine others is to avoid mistakes. 

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