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Want to get the very best out of your Galaxy S8? We have unearthed some tips and tricks that will make your user experience with the device incredible. When designing Galaxy S8 and S8 +, Samsung went to great lengths to ensure that the UX behind its groundbreaking, bezel-less designs would foster convenient and intuitive interactions. Galaxy S8 comes with a seamless interface that allows users to navigate the immersive Display with ease and
take full advantage of its powerful features.

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Here are some tips for navigation panel, button, double tap to open side panel

Tip 1: Get to Know Navigation Bar 

The Navigation Bar houses Galaxy S8s Home, Back, and Recent buttons and has a few tricks up its sleeve.

After activating Unlock with Home Button feature via Settings > Display > Navigation Bar, the hard press of the square Home Button from Always-on Display will Unlock the device, while the double-tap will pull up the lock screen. Navigation bars Settings also allow users to customize Home buttons sensitivity to avoid unwanted presses.

Tip 2: Take Full Advantage of Edge Screen

Edge panels on the Galaxy S8s Edge Screen offer access to apps, news, and key functions with a simple Swipe on the side of the screen. Users may customize their Edge panel selection and add more apps and shortcuts that work for them.

The Edge screen Edge lighting feature adds additional convenience, notifying users of incoming messages by illuminating Infinity Displays Edge. Users may access Edge screens Settings by tapping Settings > Display > Edge Screen.

Tip 3: Create Convenient Reminders

Galaxy S8 enables users to set up Convenient Reminders about interesting websites they need to revisit or to create Reminders based on texts they receive – without navigating away from the page they’re on.

Website: When the URL you like to access is already open, simply open your browser Sharing Options and tap on the Reminder icon – this will automatically save it.

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Text: in the Message app, long-press your selected Message until the Message Options menu appears and chooses to Send to Reminder. The message will automatically be saved to the Reminder app. You’ll always have the option of when you like to receive a notification. Reminders can also be Pin to Always on Display, making them visible at all times. To do so, open the Reminder app, tap on Reminder that you would like to Display, and select Pin to Always on Display.

Tip 4:

Power Button and Sensor Shortcuts – These are some great shortcuts you can take with the Galaxy S8: capture every MOMENT: Samsung Galaxy S8s camera launches instantly with the double – press of the Power key.

The Camera zoom function is similarly seamless, allowing users to easily zoom in or out by dragging the white shutter button to the right or left. Use fingerprint Sensor to manage functions: simple swipe down or up will show or hide the notification panel while swiping up on Sensor from Home Screen will launch Samsung Pay app. The function may be found under Settings > advance features > Finger Sensor Gestures.

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