Now have cost-effective and paperless drywall takeoff for your construction project

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Construction takeoff work usually involves papers, drawings, bills, drywall takeoff proposals, and project schedules printed on paper. Their inspection and management of the whole process are held periodically, along with the comprehensive documentation of supervision and approval hierarchies.

In this process, every estimator relies on his contractor’s satisfaction with different requirements like a comprehensive project, information, testing reports, compliance certifications, and individual work verification throughout the project’s life.

Is there any chance of having a paperless construction office?

Every particular construction industry usually is data-driven and has high proficiency of higher operational efficiency and cost savings through digitization. Along with the process of digitization, every relevant document turns into electronic form. A specific documentation process benefits by improving efficiency, productivity, and substantial cost savings through field inspection books.

Now, the complete process of estimation is quickly digitizing to get rid of papers. But before exploring the various steps for implementing paperless construction quantity takeoff services, let’s have some attention to the main benefits of migration of paper construction system into a paperless construction system.

Cost-effective process

A paperless construction takeoff company can save the load of having papers. According to several kinds of research, a comprehensive evaluation of processing paper documents’ cost is more than $23,000.  A paper-based construction estimating company mainly costs a lot of time, paper usage, and cost to deliver. The price for paper consumption varies according to the worth of construction companies. Apart from that, all of these papers move into archives without any consideration. Hence, a paperless estimation company can efficiently deliver you cost-effectiveness while delivering your estimations.  

Standard process

Likewise, other companies or estimators have to face a load or burden of several pages around them while estimating any construction process. A load of papers consumes a vast number of pages and does not allow you to work with ample space. Paper-based estimations usually demand boxes of files, a field of inspection books, invoices, accounts payable processing, and payrolls.

Paper always causes distractions to your field workers; they might get missing or get misfiled, ultimately resulting in lousy efficiency of paper work and an increase in costs and time. Now with the help of the digital world, electronic content management system streamlines the whole processes. All the extracted documents are directly delivered with an effective conversion of PDF or image format and approve digitally.

Elevates Efficiency

A paperless construction estimation company will help you to work more efficiently in your construction office with an optimal effort. It is a specific key to process all the information effectively within minutes and less amount. Your company can quickly achieve automated workflows along with instant digitization for different documents for the project and collaboration tools.

Several tools and features mainly enable you to have a scanned document from a contractor that delivers your team of estimators to inspect similar tickets and invoices from different material suppliers. It also empowers senior estimators to approve the documents online and import them with other advanced software.

Decrease the storage requirements

The cost to manage any particular project demands an office and every separate office, especially in New York or San Francisco, is comparatively higher than the other cities. A paper-based company requires a wide range of space to work. A paperless company will benefit you to provide a vast number of Takeoff services within a limited space of the area. It will help you save your money and utilize the complete space area by delivering quick and cost-efficient estimates.


Hence, it is proved that the digitization of construction takeoff projects is way smarter, more manageable, and reliable to deliver. It delivers a wide range of benefits, whereas paper-based projects are comparatively more expensive and stressful.

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