NRL: Who Is Adam Reynolds Wife Tallara Simon Phillips? Everything On His Tattoo And More

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Who is Tallara Simon Phillips? Everything you need to know about the Brisbane Broncos rugby captain Adam Reynold’s wife.

Tallara Simon Phillips is the wife of a sports celebrity. She is widely known for being married to professional Australian rugby football player Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds is the captain of the Brisbane Broncos in the NRL. He plays as a halfback in the games.

The rugby player has also played at the representative level for New South Wales.

Who Is Adam Reynolds Wife Tallara Simon Phillips?

Tallara Simons Phillips is known for her relationship with Australian rugby player Adam Reynolds. She got married to Reynolds on November 30, 2016.

Her personal details and occupation are not known to the public. She seems to be a private person as she is not seen much on social media.

Tallara came to the public eye only after she was cuffed to the Brisbane Broncos captain. Even though her husband is famous she does not show much of her life to the public.

How old is Tallara Simon Phillips?

Details regarding Tallara’s actual age are not available at the moment.

However, Fans have speculated from pictures that she is somewhere around her early 30s. This speculation might be true as Adam is also in his early 30s.

Does Tallara Simon Phillips have kids with Adam Reynolds?

Tallara and Adam have 4 kids together. They have 3 daughters and a son.

The daughters are named Nakylah Iris, Aaliyah Louise, and Zariyaa Brooke, and their son is named Kobe Jonathan.

Their eldest daughter turned 12 this year. Through Adam’s socials, it seems that he, Tallara, and their children are just in tune as Adam is with rugby.

Is Tallara Simon Phillips on Instagram?

Tallara is on Instagram with the handle @tallarareynolds. Her Instagram account has always been private.

She has a large following list than followers list on her IG. While she is private, it seems that the IG account was created for her children.

Even the profile picture on the account is not of her but of her 4 children.

What is Tallara Simon Phillips Networth?

Tallara’s net worth is currently not available. However, her net worth is tied to her husband Adam Reynolds’s net worth.

Adam has an estimated net worth of $5 million and growing. So, It would not be wrong to say that Tallara’s net worth is also in the millions.

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