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Nuru is the Japanese technology of erotic massage, that was invented in the city of Kawasaki. The technique requires that one or several naked masseuses cover themselves with a tasteless massage lotion that has no smell and is called the nuru gel. After all massage participants cover themselves with it, the fun begins – sexy masseuse (or several ladies) begin caressing the man’s body with their slippery hands and bodies. It provides a man with unforgettable sensations. 

The word “nuru” itself comes from Japanese and is translated as “slippery/smooth”. During a massage, the participants try to receive the closest possible physical contact. Massage therapists often use all the body and even touch a face. Strong tactile feelings give a relaxing effect and help to reduce stress.


Both masseuse and a man should be completely naked. Then comes lubrication with nuru gel. The skin immediately becomes smooth, very soft, and also very slippery. This makes it easy for a beautiful girl to gently caress a man without much effort.

The tender touches of the hands, hips, body, buttocks, chest, make a man extremely aroused after just a couple of minutes. But a professional masseuse knows how to keep a man under control. Understandably, there is no sex, just complete relaxation that ends with a happy ending. Here are what you will get having chosen this procedure in SweetTouch Valencia:

  • Deep relaxation.
  • Extreme excitation.
  • The pleasure from gentle touches.
  • Nice sensations from a sophisticated sexual game.
  • The skin becomes tender and velvet.
  • Great mood.
  • Release of sexual energy. 

During the massage, the girl tries to caress large areas of her body to make the procedure maximally comfortable for a man. Hot waves of pleasure and an explosive orgasm in the end – that’s what one gets with synogut.


If you want to try this procedure, you are certainly interested in what body areas and in what way are affected. Mostly, all attention is paid to the back and chest, as well as to the buttocks and legs. According to ancient Japanese technology, it is not necessary to use classic techniques. We mean rubbing shoulders, back, and lower back with hands only. Hands gradually slide on the body, gently and carefully touching it. 

There is no need to use hard pressure or a variety of techniques, as this massage is all about tenderness. Nuru does not provide for a deep muscle massage, its tasks are completely different. This unique procedure is aimed at the mental and physical relaxation of a man, filling him with energy, pleasure, and passion.

Having tried this procedure once, you’ll never forget all the deep sensations it provoked. In SweetTouch Valencia, you are welcome to enjoy an erotic nuru massage. Just select the lady from the gallery (all photos are real, so don’t worry about it), call SweetTouch, and make a booking. 

With the help of this procedure, you will feel completely renewed, energetic, and ready for new achievements. Series of procedures can improve your male health, make your skin better, fill you with life energy. What’s the point of refusing such a pleasure? This massage is an experience every man must try.

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