Obituary: Laura Gascoigne Journalist – Cause Of Death – Age & Husband

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Who is the Journalist Laura Gascoigne? Let us get to know more about the experienced journalists’ obituary and her death cause.

Laura Gascoigne worked as a journalist in the United States. She had been a well-known writer for more than 25 years, and many people liked her work.

She had a lot of experience and fan following during the best days of her career.

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Who Is Journalist Laura Gascoigne?

Laura Gascoigne was born in Cairo, where her father owned an English language bookstore.

Her father had never had a decent career before the war. He studied law but worked as a playboy in London bars, earning money by playing cards.

Plum Warner, her father, was a brilliant cricketer, which is presumably where he got his appreciation for the finer things in life. He was, however, always a gentleman. He decked Evelyn Waugh for disrespecting a waitress at a West End club one evening.

The Egyptian journalist’s mother used to dress impeccably in Parisian fashions, and her father’s business was burnt down during the 1950s. There were dinners where a waiter stood behind each chair before the Egyptian Army revolution of 1952. She never learned Arabic, but her first word was ‘Abdul,’ not ‘Dada.’

Laura Gascoigne Obituary & Death Cause 

The Journalist Laura Gascoigne has been in the limelight for her death news.

However, the rumor has yet to be substantiated, and the news of her death has yet to be confirmed by the family of the journalist or social networking sites.

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We will update the article as soon as any verifiable news about the death news of the journalist is made available. However, Laura has always been a popular journalist and has a huge working experience in the field of journalism.

How Old Is Laura Gascoigne: Age

Laura Gascoigne is between the ages of 60 to 70 years old. However, she herself has not revealed her exact date of birth as well as the year she was born.

Therefore, it is very difficult to guess her attitude and behavior based on her zodiac sign. We can hope to get more information regarding her age and her details after the tragic death news gets verified from authentic news sites.

Meet Laura Gascoigne Husband

Laura Gascoigne’s career experienced numerous ups and downs, but she was able to overcome all of them with the aid of her husband.

She is known for keeping a low profile when it comes to her personal life, making information about her marriage or family tough to come by.

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