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If you are looking for what is meant by OTSOSUCK, OTSOSUCK, AKRONIME OTSOSUCK, OTSOSUCK DEFINITION, Abbreviation of OTSOSUCK, then you are on the right platform because here we will give you the meaning of slang otsosuck, the definition of otsosuck and how this word slang otsosuck is used above conversation.

What is Otsosuck? For What Otsosuck Stands?

The word slang otsosuck stands for “poor”. “OTSO” means “out” in Russian. So, Otsosuck is a combination of Russian and English words that “come out” and “poor”. This word became popular after the video simulator Jacksepiceye gym with the title: “I went to the gym and bad things happened”.

How do otsosuck used in conversations?

Some examples of how words of slang otsosuck used on conversations are:

  • A: Do you see the video? Very strange.
  • B: Yes man, Otsosuck it.


  • A: I feel otsosuck has been used inappropriately in the video simulator Jacksepiceye gym.
  • B: No. I feel it’s okay
  • A: Whatever, I feel it’s not a good way to have a conversation with a girl in the gym as shown in the video.
  • B: grow human
  • A: Otsosuck.
  • Etc.

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Well, now you know the meaning of otsosuck from the definition above, so if you want to say something about it, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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