Randy’s Throwing Knife

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What is Randy’s Throwing Knife?

Randy’s Throwing Knife is the new ritual weapon in Destiny 2. It is something that really exceeds your expectations and at the same time does real damage in PvP. It is worth waiting to get the chance to experience this weapon so without wasting time, let’s just know more about it.

Idubbbz girlfriend was introduced during the expansion of Shadowkeep expansion when Scouts were wiped out. This Scout rifle is pretty lethal as it is considered the fast RPM that has the ability to take out multiple guardians in PVP.

How to Have Access to Randy’s Throwing Knife?

Well, in order to obtain it, you need to move to Shaxx in the Tower and select the quest that says “Reconnaissance by Fire”. Furthermore, you need to complete another three tasks that are provided in the quest.

Step 1:

Firstly, you need to get 450 Scout Rifle final blows. The range of Scout rifle includes Imperative, Symmetry, Wrong Side of Right, Polaris Lance and Jade Rabbit. Personally, if you only have the catalyst and the Jade Rabbit then it is still a good option and better time to knock out both.

Step 2:

Then you need to earn further 2100 Glory. This is in the Competitive PVP and don’t stress out, you only have to earn it as it really does not matter if you are losing one of them. As a matter of fact, you will be progressing just like you do in other pinnacle quests. You can easily get yourself paired with the freelance survival mode, hence, making it a lot easier for you to make the glory points the part of the quest.

Step 3:

Lastly, you should be able to defeat the enemies and earn the specific medals like Cold Fusion. What I think here is that Guardian kills does not matter here, all you need to do is double and multi kills medals. Don’t panic, the best way to get through with this is that just simply select your rifle and make your way to Crucible. You might think that this is a slow process and really time consuming to get to your destination but just keep going and don’t loose hope.

After fulfilling these requirements, go to the Shaxx in the Tower and finally get the chance to choose Asmongold Girlfriend. This weapon will give you faster reload speed and likewise fire in full auto with deeper ammo reserves. The feature of 45 impact along with its unique stability makes this weapon popular enough to be known for its good aim resist on stats that are hidden.

You can also get Rapid Hit or Snapshot Sights for better and improved experience. These can be paired with Zen Moment or Kill Clip and together they are considered the best pairs. Well, it is all up to you what you want to choose but as you have got Randy’s Throwing Knife now, so just hop into the world and give it a try.

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