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The BRONCO 11 Xtreme is a scooter that was never on our radar until we saw it in person. We had been looking for something to replace our BRONCO 8 Xtreme and found ourselves at the BRONCO UK stand at the NEC Motorcycle Show 2016. This scooter has everything you could ever want, from looks and power to ease of use, this is one ride that is hard not to like!

BRONCO has designed and built the 11X from the ground up. This scooter is not a re-badged or re-launched product, it’s a brand new design, created and built by BRONCO themselves in their own factory. The result is one mean looking scooter that stands out from the crowd as being one of the most powerful and well built models on the market. The 11X uses a 650cc air-cooled V-twin engine mated to a clever 9 speed transmission. It produces 95bhp and 93 Nm of torque, all without the use of electronic gearbox systems. This means you get the smooth look and feel of a modern scooter without the power robbing restrictions or complexities of these systems.

The suspension is fully adjustable for both ride and handling. The foot controls are fully adjustable giving you full control over your driving style and racing position. The controls, and full instrumentation are all in a purpose built cage that retracts into the rider’s seat. This is a unique design feature and one that we are certain will become a standard on all scooters in the near future. The look of this engine is superb, with fully polished chrome covers, cylinder head covers and even the valve cover has been finished off in chrome. The rest of the bike is finished off in black which gives it an effortlessly cool feel to it.

The front brake system has also been upgraded giving you more stopping power than ever before. A dual piston caliper is used and can be adjusted to suit your preference either for high performance or more compliance. The rear brake has also been upgraded, now featuring a single 220mm disc with a fully adjustable caliper. This gives you the choice of high performance braking or reduced weight at the expense of your rear brake accuracy.

The clutch uses a single plate design to increase ease of use without unduly increasing its power output. The transmission has been upgraded and now features 9 gears for you to play with. This means that the 11X is capable of going over 120mph without any trouble at all.

The BRONCO UK model shown at the NEC had a full custom paint job, using every bit of space on the bike to make it look truly unique. Painted in deep red with a white pinstripe running down each side, the bike looks like nothing else on the market today.

The BRONCO is a truly fun scooter to ride. With its power, handling and comfort, there is no doubt that this bike will appeal to all types of riders. We would love to see what other customs it would look like!

Bronco 11 Xtreme: Scooter You Need to Hold On Tight

If you are in the market for a new scooter and want one that’s not only comfortable but also fits your needs, then you need to check out Bronco 11 Xtreme. Their scooters sport an advanced design that provides awesome comfort, support and control. And to top it off, they come in all of the latest colors!

Bronco 11 Xtreme has been the leader in performance scooters for over 10 years, pioneering the adult scooter and bringing it to the attention of enthusiasts in the US, Canada and Japan. Their lightweight and compact design allow you to zoom with ease around town or campus!


Modular seat system for convenient storage while on the go.

Front modular pouch with zipper closure. 

Front compartment storage space for accessories. 

Windshield with integrated LED flashlight.

Tires with a special tread pattern for improved traction. 

EPS foam (expanded polystyrene) base for maximum comfort.  *EPS foam is both light and strong, providing excellent shock absorption and comfort.

Buckle adjustment for ease of fit and adjustment while riding.

Front brake system with dual disc brake (back to the rear).

Shock absorbers for improved comfort on pavement, allowing you to maintain control while riding for longer periods of time.

Bronco 11 Xtreme is produced with a high-quality resin body and aluminum alloy which provides greater strength with less weight.

Independent front and rear suspension for improved handling of bumps, cracks, etc. 

Locking front disc brake system. 

All in one front wheel design which ensures stability when riding at high speeds.  

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