RokBlok World’s Smallest Record Player What happens after SharkTank?

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What exactly is RokBlok?

RokBlok is a 4 x 2 inches long; this is the tiniest, wireless mobile player.

It has it’s own vinyl-safe rubber wheels which makes it capable of playing 33 1/3, and 45 RPM records whereas the built-in analogue speakers deliver a pure analogue sound.

Other attributes comprise the diamond-tipped cartridge, bamboo and MDF structure, and BlueTooth performance from up to 30 feet off.

Meet the Inventor of RokBlok

Logan Riley is the inventor of the cool gadget. Logan starts his career as a Mac specialist in apple on 2006. On 2007 Logan gets promoted as a creative lead at Apple. He continues to work on that position till 2012. Then he changes his career to become the lead instructional Engineer at Pandora.

On latter 2014, Logan joins with Learn Up as the Head of learning and Innovations and continues to work there till mid of 2015.

Road to RokBlok

He leaves his job and starts his very own venture called Pink Donut.

Pink Donut is an idea company that creates products with no set industry, medium or genre in mind. Here they create things. Different types of things. Things that love and want to share with others.” according to Logan.

Although the first few products that he created through his Idea company Pink Donut was not as successful as he anticipated, RokBlok made an instant hit.

In late 2016, Logan takes the idea of RokBlok to Kickstarter where he hosts a Kickstarter campaign of $50k goal.Logan’s RokBlok makes his break through by surpassing its goal with over $350,000 from 3615 backers.

Shark Tank Appearance

On 2017,Logan Riley decided to appear on shark tank with his new invention.

During RokBlok’s pitch all the sharks gets blown away with the amazing technology behind it.

Although lori greiner jumps in and say that she is still on the fence,Robert Herjavec immediately pulls in the deal stating that he is very optimistic about the entire product idea.

Robert offers to buyout the entire RokBlok in exchange for 500K$, additionally he offers Logan a 2 year contract to work on RokBlok with a six figure salary.

Logan agrees on the deal.

Did the Shark Tank deal actually took place? What happened after SharkTank?

According to SharkTank crew, Yes the deal seemed to have actually happened.

After airing it on Shark Tank, The sales went really high instantly.

Even today This is making sales all over the world. However it is not clear that Robert is still spinning money on RokBlok.

RokBlok Networth Now

This is estimated to be worth around 10-20 million USD as of 2020.

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