Sick: Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer; His Illness & Health Update Now

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Joes Joe Kenda Have Cancer? He is a retired police detective from the united states. He was retired from Colorado Springs Police Department in 1996. 

Joe Kenda is a police detective by his profession, and he retired from a police officer in 1996.

Joe was involved in 387 homicide cases in his more than 23 years of career, he solved 356 cases with a closure rate of 92%. Joe Kenda was also featured on the Investigation Discovery television show named homicide hunter.

Joe Kenda was born on August 28, 1946, in Herminie, Pennsylvania. Explore the following subheadings to know more about his illness, cancer, and health update.

Sick: Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer?

According to our source of information regarding his illness, We haven’t found any records and publicity that he has cancer. 

He is also on his personal Wikipedia page, which disclosed the story behind his professional journey as a police detective. He stated about his family members a little bit and his early age life.

Joe Kenda is on a Wikipedia page with the username of Joe Kenda in which he stated his father named William and mother Virginia. You can see about his other family members from exploring his Wikipedia page.

Even though, he hasn’t stated any cancer information. So we can assume that he hasn’t had any cancer till 2022. But we can’t be sure about it because he didn’t public any information regarding this.

Joe Kenda Illness & Health Update In 2022 – What Happen To Joe Kenda?

According to the Pop culture new article, Joe Kenda opens his illness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) after the 23 years old profession as a detective officer.

He expresses the beginning of his struggle with PTSD.

As well he said that his illness comes after he retires from the force when he was driving a school bus.

If we talk about PTSD, it is a disorder that comes or develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. After causing PTSD, they may feel intense, disturbing thoughts and feelings that relate to previous scary and dangerous events.

According to the report “the best therapy Kenda ever found for his PTSD was playing role in homicide hunter”

Furthermore, based on he feels better now than he used to be before. So can assume that he is pretty well than before according to this statement in 2020. Because there is no information and news regarding his health issues in 2022.

If you are willing to know his health condition in the future. You can follow the latest news article regarding his health issues.

Meet Joe Kenda On Instagram

Joe Kenda is on Instagram with the username of @ask_kenda.

He has 5914 followers and only seven followings on his personal Instagram account. 

Joe Kenda has a total of 37 posts in which he posted videos that is related to his investigation, and give feedback to the young detectives.

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