Simon Bryant Partner: Everything On Australian Chef Married Life

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Chef Simon Bryant hasn’t talked about his partner currently. Meanwhile, his relationship with Maggie Beer can lead anyone into believing that he is dating.

Simon Bryant is a professional chef with many years of expertise.  

He was once in the show titled The Cook and the Chef, where he featured alongside the famous television presenter Maggie Beer. 

Simon is now not working as a professional chef. He is currently the creative director of the national food festival of Australia, Tasting Australia. 

Simon Bryant Partner: Is He Gay? 

As of now, Simon Bryant has not yet mentioned his partner in public.

Also, the chef has been long rumored to be gay. But, his sexuality also remains to be verified.

Although he is open about his personality, he has not yet discussed his alleged gay sexuality. And, he is also not close to a same-sex person. 

There is no evidence to say that Simon has a gay partner; instead, he appears to be much more into women. 

So we could say that Simon is not gay. 

Simon Bryant Wife And Family 

Simon Bryant’s marital status and wife’s details still remain a forbidden knowledge. 

He has never talked about his married life and his wife, if there is any, in public. He is always seen with his friends and staff members in public. 

Further, Simon is a good friend of Maggie Beer. They have done a show together for many years and the show was a hit at that time. It was the “The Cook and the Chef” show. 

But, there is no romantic relationship between them and that is always confirmed by Simon. They are just very good friends. 

Simon is now 56 years old, and he is not yet married. So, he doesn’t have any wife or children. 

Talking about Bryant’s family, he has only his brother Richard by his side. Simon’s mother committed suicide, leaving the two brothers alone. And there is no information about Simon’s father. 

Simon Bryant Net Worth

Simon Bryant’s net worth is $18 million according to the net worth post. 

Talking about Simon’s ways of earning, he has many options available.

Furthermore, he is the head of the creative department of Australia’s largest food festivals.

Bryant also appears sometimes as a television presenter. So, we could say that Simon has very high earnings and is a millionaire for sure.

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