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I was thrilled to discover Dad and Buried, the Anti Parent parenting blog, after reading a fantastic review of it on Bourbon & Boots, a rustic...

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Our direct superior is a very sweet lady in her late forties. She is a professional in her work and a very nice lady. She is like a female guardian angel for all of the female staff and we all are so grateful for her. So yesterday she came to the lunch area. She usually has her lunch in her office so it was new for all of us. We gather around her and ask if she needs anything. She needed personal help from the IT staff so requested us to have lunch with her in the office. We thought there must be something wrong with her gadget and she must need our help with that. But when we reached there it was all unexpected. She told us that her teen is behaving like some spoiled brat and she thinks there is something wrong with her company or friends. On asking why does she think that she replied that she has gotten block from all the social media platforms by the teen and that is not a very good sign. 

I told her that this is not a big deal Teenagers usually go through such phases of complete shutdown and then go public. It is like an up and down cycle but she insisted to tell us a way that can unblock her from the social media apps. Well as we all know there is no legal way out. so we told her that this is not possible. She was very disappointed. At that time I remembered all the bragging from my elder sister about how a parental control app has helped her know more about the teenager. I told Mrs. Lauren that there is a shortcut and a legal way out for her. Well, the news of android spying, parental control app, and spy app was new for her. So she told me she will do research of her own and will get back to me. 

Last night I thought of her and more parents out there who are struggling with the technology but want to know everything about their kid. Well, it is their right and no one can deprive them. I am here for you all and here is how you can know about the social media apps of your teenagers and minors. 

Why Are You Blocked?:

OgyMogy spy app lets the user have remote access to the Instagram activities of the target person. Even if they are on a private mode or the user is blocked by the target persons. This kind of hindrance has nothing to do with android spying as despite all the obstacles users can check the Instagram account of the target. This is the best and most useful feature for the parents of those secretive teenagers who like to keep things private and do not allow family on social media. 

Who Are They In Contact With In Their Chat Box:

With android spying through the OgyMogy, users can not only know about the newsfeed activities but can also have access to the chatbox of the target person as well. Keep a check on the inbox chat conversation of your teen and timely know about any bullying or harassment issue faced by your teen. 

Eyes On the Digital Friends:

Just for the sake of more followers and fanship, teenagers mostly add everyone to their account which is quite dangerous and irresponsible on their end. Not every person added to the private account can be your real friend. By using the OgyMogy spy app keep an eye on the followers and following list of the minor kids and make sure no weirdo is added there. Make sure teens do not upload too much personal or compromised data on the public platform as well.  

OgyMogy offers a long list of social media monitoring features in the form of Snapchat spy app, Facebook spy app, Tinder spy app, Viber spy app, Line spy app Whastapp spy app, and many more. Don’t take android spying as some kind of myth or joke it can be a really important helping hand for all of the parents out there who are struggling with smart gadgets and smart life.  

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