Steven Assanti From ‘My 600-lb Life’: Where Is He Now?

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Steven Assanti: Do you remember Steven Assanti from the TLC original of My 600-lb Life? Are you wondering whether he’s lost weight or not?

If you want to know where he is these days and what he’s doing, then continue reading.

TLC has been showing the TV show My 600-lb Life for the past eight years. In this show, they follow the routes of morbidly obese people trying to lose weight.

The show follows the efforts of Dr. Younan Nowazardan, who is an Iranian-American surgeon.

Dr. Younan helps obese patients to reduce their weight and follow a healthier path.

If you watched the show, then you would know about Steven Assanti.

Steven Assanti “600-Lb Life”

Steven Assanti came on season 5 of My 600-lb Life in 2017. He weighed around 800-lbs.

The drama Steven Assanti added to the whole show was nothing like seen before. He had aggressive behavior, and many were against him.

To find out who it was and what happened during and after the show, continue reading.

How did Steven Assanti get on TLC?

As we mentioned before, Steven John Assanti starred in the last two episodes of My-600 lb Life on TLC with Justin, his brother.

Before coming onto this show, he actually appeared on Dr.Phil’s House of Hatred in 2007.

Steven Assanti gained a lot of attention on Dr.Phil’s show. After the attention he got, he tried to take advantage of the fact that he was almost 800lbs by making many weird videos on YouTube.

You are probably wondering how he got onto TLC’s My 600 lb Life?

In 2015, he was broadcast on the local news. Wait till you hear why!

He got broadcast because the hospital kicked him out. He was at the hospital for gastric bypass surgery but violated the rules when he ordered pizza during the preparation.

The executives at TLC saw the news, and the next thing we all saw was Steven Assanti on My 600-lb Life.

Who Is Steven Assanti?

Steven John Assanti was born in Rhode Island on the 2nd December 1981.

He has a younger brother, Justin. Their mother was an alcoholic. She separated from their father when Steven was 11 and Justin was 5.

After the separation, Steven Assanti and Justin stayed with their mother. However, her boyfriend at that time abused both of them.

Binge-eating was a way for Steven and Justin to cope with all the abuse going on.

In My 600lb Life, Justin explained:

“Steven was extremely greedy. When we would put food on, Steven would eat it before anyone else had the chance to start. He gobbled everything. “

Steven Assanti agreed with his brother: 

Food was the only comforting thing I had during good and bad circumstances. However, it didn’t help the situation. “

Steven Assanti’s life showed that he used food not because he was hungry, but because it made him forget his situation.

Once he started eating, there was no stopping him. Therefore, it didn’t take him long to reach 800lbs.

Steven Assanti’s Attitude on My 600-lb Life

When Steven Assanti was introduced to the show, many viewers found his attitude appalling.

Many viewers did not like his attitude or personality in any way.


Steven Assanti was receiving the help he could from Dr. Nowzaradan.

However, when he got given a diet plan, he threw tantrums and refused to follow it.

There was a point in the show where Dr. Nowzaradan got crazy because of his behavior and threatened to send him to a homeless shelter.

Steven Assanti finally got kicked off the show.

Yes,’surprise, surprise!’

Steven got addicted to painkillers and started using Dr. Nowzaradan to get them.

He has kicked off the show and been sent to rehab.

The show made it clear why Steven and Justin were always on the edge of each other.

Steven got really under his family’s skin.

Steven Assanti’s Brother Justin

Justin, Steven Assanti’s brother, was on the show with him. Their father did everything and anything he could to help Steven.

However, Justin could not stand Steven’s antics.

On the show, Justin revealed how he hates being around his brother because of the abuse Steven had done to him over the years.

The show did not change anything from the AMA on Reddit in 2018. Justin wrote:

Steven has always been messed up in his head. However, it got worse as he grew older. He had always been like this, even before being abandoned by his mother.

In 2020, the brothers came up with a follow-up to the show My 600-lb life, which was Where are they now?

In an episode, it shows how the father tried to get the brothers to reunite.

The father made their appointments with the doctors to coincide. However, it did not do much.

The brothers insisted on talking to each other or clearing the issue and went their separate ways.

Where is Steven Assanti Now?

The show Where are They Now? showed that Steven Assanti finally got surgery for weight loss.

However, there were many cheat meals, fits, and a painkiller addiction to get there.

In the beginning, Steven Assanti weighed over 700lbs. In the show in May 2020, it showed his weight was down to 518lbs.

Dr. Nowzaradan claims that the starting weight was much higher than that.

In his personal life, Steven Assanti married Stephnie Sanger, a massage therapist, in 2018.

Stephanie agreed to do an interview with the Starcasm website in 2018.

However, by the end of the interview, the writer found out that Steven had been answering during the whole interview.

Steven disguised himself as Stephanie and wrote:

“The moment I saw him on the TV, I knew I had to find him as he was a beautiful person. I wanted to know him because I knew he was my soulmate. “

Steven Assanti does not use social media. Therefore, figuring out what is going on in your life is hard.

However, Stephanie took Steven’s last name and showed her Facebook status as married.

However, there are rumors of their separation as Stephanie removed their picture from Facebook and put hers.

Not much is known about what is going on in Steven Assanti’s life, but we hope he finds the healthy and happy life he wants.

Is Steven Assanti still married?

Steven and his wife are separated. However, he hopes to work things out, as he said in an interview with Nicki Swift that he loves her.

How much does Steven Assanti weigh now?

Heavy reported that Steven Assanti claimed to weigh 518 lbs.

Does Steven Assanti have any social media?

Yes, he has an Instagram, and recently he joined Tik Tok.

What is Steven Assanti’s net worth?

According to Celebpie, Steven has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars.

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