‘Take Her Name Out Of Your Mouth’ TikTok Song And Lyrics Meaning -In Details

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Take her name out of your mouth is exploding the TikTok with its simplicity. Let us discover the song lyrics and explore some trendy videos.

Take her name out of your mouth on TikTok is getting millions of hits. The virtual platform has amazed us with yet another new trend.

Previously, the Touch It challenges and the ‘You Put Your Mouth On Me’ flooded the site. As of now, Take Her Name Out Of Your Mouth is a hit trend.  

The videos on this trend are slowly reaching the top of the ‘for you’ page of most users. Thus, we are here to help you with it so that you do not feel left out.

Take Her Name Out Of Your Mouth TikTok Song  

‘Take Her Name Out Of Your Mouth’ is a viral TikTok song.

The original title of the song is Come Over (Again). However, as you know, catchy titles make a big hit on social media.

The same is valid for this trend as people know it as Take Her Name Out Of Your Mouth. The song is sung by a band named Crawlers.

It first premiered on 2 November 2021 via the official YouTube channel of the band. It became hit in no time and has gained over 108K views so far.


I promise you Hailey. I’ll get you your justice.

♬ Come Over (Again) – Crawlers

Take Her Name Out Of Your Mouth Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of the trend ‘Take Her Name Out Of Your Mouth’ starts like this:

Fall asleep with a lighter in your hand

you can’t fake it that’s telling smoke so much

you even stand tell your dad that it’s weed he’s smellin’

I don’t I won’t I guess you’re too young to know her

I think I’ll go to sleep I won’t think about you

until i think about when you

come over again come over again

However, the main part of the song that is viral on TikTok is not this one. The trending verse goes like this:

take her name out of your mouth

you don’t deserve to mourn

do you just love the attention or do you get bored 

Explore The Trend Videos

The videos on the aforementioned trend are hitting the nerves. Let us find out how the TikTokers have made videos on it.

One of the videos with the highest likes is from the user with the id @not_very_swag. Her real name is unknown but she has crossed over 13.4K followers.

Undeniably, it is the video that has made her famous in a short time. She has posted a POV kind of video on that sound which was originally uploaded by the Crawlers band.

Similarly, the band itself has uploaded the video on the sound. They stated that they have risked everything for the song and are overwhelmed by the response of the users.


nah this is INSANE ##fyp ##lgbtq

♬ Come Over (Again) – Crawlers

How To Do It? Is It A Dance Challenge?

Take Her Name Out Of Your Mouth is not a dance challenge. It is more like giving a reaction to someone’s death or a tragic story.

So, you have to either cook up any backstories or share a tragic one that you have faced. To make a video, click on the sound posted by Crawlers.

Then, start making a video and sing the lyrics. Later on, add some POV texts and you are ready to upload them on TikTok.

The trend will surely help you to achieve thousands of likes and followers, if not millions.

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