Tariq Trotter Leaving Tonight Show? Net Worth – Where Is He Going?

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Tariq Trotter, famous as Black Thought, is part of the Tonight Show. But, he is currently missing from the show. Is Tariq Trotter Leaving Tonight Show? Let’s find out the truth surrounding his departure from NBC.

Tariq Trotter is popular as Black Thought, an American rapper, actor, and headliner MC of the Philadelphia-based hip hop group, The Roots, co-founded by him and drummer Questlove (Ahmir Thompson).

Moreover, Trotter is one of the most skilled, intelligent, and prolific rappers of his time. Similarly, Tariq is widely glorified for his live performance skills, complex lyricism, continuous multisyllabic rhyme schemes, politically aware lyrics, double entendres. 

Tariq Trotter Leaving Tonight Show?

Tariq Trotter has been one of the well-known personalities of Tonight Show. Tariq and his team, The Roots, have been working with The Tonight Show, including Jimmy Fallon as their house band since 2009. But wondering his fans, Traiq hasn’t been seen in the show’s recent episodes. 

Moreover, many people and viewers started assuming he was leaving the show. Infact, rumors are circulating on the internet regarding his departure from the Tonight Show, which isn’t true. 

Meanwhile, Trotter hasn’t shared any information bout leaving the show. Likewise, the team itself hasn’t published any news concerning Tariq’s resign from the show. 

Reportedly, he is taking a short break from the show. However, soon we will make a presence on The Tonight Show.

Tariq Trotter Net Worth Exposed

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tariq Trotter has a net worth of $12 million. There is no doubt he is one of the richest celebrities. Furthermore, he has been receiving such a huge income as a hip-hop artist. 

Additionally, Tariq is a singer and rapper on The Tonight Show, from where he might have received a decent sum of money. Taris is undoubtedly a talented personality.

Departure Reason: Where Is Tariq Trotter Going?

Tariq Trotter is also known as Black Thought, has come into the limelight as the news about his departure from The Tonight Show has been circulating all over the internet sources. 

The news is not true. Trotter has been missing from the show for some other reason, as Tariq is on the band’s concert tour, which will happen in the summer.

Furthermore, Trotter is taking a short leave from the show and returning after their concert. Well, the band will be performing in The Factory, in Chesterfield.

Reportedly, the band is on tour after twelve years as they were busy with the Tonight Show. Likewise, he has a great connection with Jimmy on the show and offscreen. 

Tariq Trotter On Instagram

Tariq Trotter, 48, is active on Instagram as @blackthought with 601k followers and 529 posts to date.

Further, Trotter is actively available on social media handles where he posts various updates of his daily life.

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