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Boats are awesome vessels to own because of their various uses and purposes. There are so many different types of boats you can own depending on why you wish to own them. When it comes to owning a boat, there are two types of boat of which it is difficult to choose one.

The two boats are the deck boat and the bowrider. These are two awesome boats and in this article, we will discuss the comparisons between the two and the comparisons will help you to determine which you to choose.

The deck boat is a type of boat that has a lot of deck space, just as the name implies. It can contain a lot of people, even an entire family. The bowrider, on the other hand, is the type of boat which has the seating area in the forward part of the boat (the bow). The bowrider is usually used for recreational purposes.

Here are the differences and comparisons between the bowrider and the deckboat:

The Basic Layouts

The layouts of each boat differs. The hull shapes of the two differ significantly. This is an indication that they cannot be handled the same way when on the water. 

To understand the layout of the deck boat, it is good to remember that it is the combination of the layout of a pontoon and the hull design of a runabout. Deck boats have rectangular and large deck spaces. They also have a pointed-bow hull which has a V-shape.

A lot of deck boats also have a control console and the helm station on the right hand side and the passenger seat next to the captain seat. 

The layout of the bowrider is different. The bowrider has an open bow and a pointed front. The boat also has a cockpit which is covered with a windshield. The passengers are able to ride at the front of the vessel.

How Deck Boats and Bowriders Perform

The performances of the deck boats and the bowriders are also different. The deck boat has one advantage over the bowrider and that is speed. Bowriders perform better at higher speeds compared to the deck boats as a result of their result. 

This is why bowriders can be easily handled on rough waters. In difference, deck boats are better on calm water compared to the latter. When it comes to drifting when accelerating, deck boats drift less in the front compared to the bowriders.

Which is better for entertainment?

There are different entertainment that can be carried out on a boat. Some of the entertainment activities include water-skiing, wakeboarding, tubing and so on. Both the bowrider and the deck boat are awesome for entertainment.

Some bowriders also have swim decks at the back and this is awesome for wakeboards. As mentioned earlier, bowriders perform better in rough waters and rough weather conditions. This means they will be better adapted for entertainment too. No matter the boat you choose, there are many options and packages that may come with the boat to make things more fun.

Some of the activities you can do with a bowrider include entertaining friends on a cruise, towable watersports, fishing or having fun at a favorite waterfront eatery. Many bowriders come with party accessories which include stereo, lighting and even drink holders. If you like, you can even add a swim ladder to enhance the entertainment.


Deck boats have undeniably large capacity compared to the bowriders. There is more space on the deck boat as a result of their layout and width and their size in general. Just like pontoon boats, there are lots of spaces to store things in a deck boat, lots of legroom and enough space to make you comfortable.

If you need more people to be with you on the boat, the deck boats is the better choice since it can contain a whole lot of people depending on the size of the boat itself. 


In terms of maintenance, both the deck boat and the bowrider are similar. You can apply the same maintenance tips to either of them. Some of the maintenance tips include keeping a close eye on the engine, flushing the engine after each use, keeping the boat in a dry storage area, and also cleaning and repairing the upholstery. Both of them need many accessories to upgrade function of the boat,such as bilge pump,boat ladder,ropes,cup holders and so on.if you want to buy boat accessories recommend the famous brand – Amarine.

Following the maintenance tips will make sure that whichever of the boat you decided to choose will last very long and will continue to work at optimum efficiency.


Because of the more functions they possess, the deck boat is more expensive than the bowrider. On the other hand, the bowrider is more affordable and more economical to keep.


Going by the differences between the two types of boat, it is easy to choose the type of boat you want depending on what you want to use them for. Compare the two boats, especially in line with your budget and you will be able to make a choice easily.

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