The Digital Health Trends That Kilo Grupe Is Pursuing In 2023

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Digital health is our future. This is the uniting belief that brought together the founders of UAB Kilo Grupe back in 2013, and they have been innovating and creating ever since. Now with more than 30 products on the market and a successful investment program Kilo Grupe is making its belief into a reality.

With fifteen different in-house health and wellness products, an array of investment projects, and more than 4 million customers worldwide, it would seem that many people believe digital health to be the future too. But what is digital health and how is UAB Kilo Group using digital health trends to push their brand even further in 2023?

Digital health and wellness is essentially using technology to keep track of and manage our health. It includes everything from apps to digital monitoring devices and can be used to both treat and prevent chronic illnesses. The most obvious kind of digital health product is calorie counting apps–of which, Kilo Grupe has a few!

So, which digital healthcare trends are Kilo Grupe tapping into in 2023 to continue its upward trajectory in the digital health and wellbeing market?

Data-driven Healthcare

The use of data in digital health and wellness is hugely varied.

For Kilo Grupe, most of their current data-driven healthcare uses personalized algorithms to analyze trends in user data and to predict future conditions. This is seen prominently in their Cardi.Health and Klinio apps–made for heart health and diabetes management, respectively–wherein user data is analyzed and fed back to them in the app. 

It is also used in many of their weight management apps, like DoFasting and KetoCycle, to recommend the best meal and activity plans for each individual user.

Data usage is a growing trend in healthcare, particularly in individual patient care because analyzing data can help to create wellness strategies that are working and eliminate those that aren’t. It works hand in hand with the behavioral science found in many of Kilo Grupe’s apps to empower users to change their habits and live a healthier life.

IoT Health Products

IoT stands for ‘internet of things’ and refers to medical and health devices that use the internet to monitor and manage patient health. These products allow for machine-to-machine communication and are already used in many medical and healthcare settings.

For Kilo Grupe, this kind of product could mean wireless home-monitoring devices for conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as heart rate monitors for exercise. Where the brand will take this kind of product is yet to be seen, but devices that connect to the internet offer users an easy way to share healthcare data with their doctors, boosting accessibility in healthcare.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is already being used in some medical settings such as training for surgery or treating PTSD symptoms. In the future, it could have a profound effect on patients’ understanding of their conditions. VR allows users to fully visualize their conditions, how they will affect their bodies, and how treatment could improve their health.

VR is already tested in the Kilo Grupe R&D labs and an expansion of this trend across their portfolio could help to deepen their users’ understanding of health. 

Final Thoughts

The future of healthcare is undoubtedly digital and Kilo Grupe UAB is already sinking their teeth into the new year by harnessing the most prominent digital healthcare trends and implementing them seamlessly into their products. We can’t wait to see what they will come up with in 2023.

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