The Good, The Bad, and The Real Of An Instagram Hottie: A Conversation With Emily Knight

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When it comes to internet bombshells, few women stop the scroll online as quickly as Emily Knight. The 21-year-old from Los Angeles, California boasts an incredible 2 million followers on her Instagram page (, where the model posts jaw-dropping images that wow fans around the globe. As part of the exclusiv team, Knight has the opportunity to bring sexy content to fans of her modeling career through exclusive partnerships that have helped her draw a lucrative salary.

However, this digital dream is really a down-to-earth gal. Raised on 4,000 acres of farmland in Northern California, Knight can hold her own with a shotgun and a beer. Growing up as a California cowgirl taught her the hard work necessary to make a living in a competitive – and sometimes cutthroat – modeling industry. The result has led her to quickly rise as a leading voice and face in her trade.

We recently sat down with Emily Knight to ask her some behind-the-scenes questions about what it’s really like to be an online Instagram hottie:

So tell us – what is it really like being an online model?

“I do feel a lot sexier since starting to do more online work! I’ll admit – I have my days where I want to wear sweatpants and no makeup, but most days i feel good knowing thousands of men adore me all over the world! It’s a huge confidence boost.

Is it all business, or do you like to show people the everyday Emily?

“Honestly, Instagram plays the biggest part in teasing people with my pictures and posts. I love to post pictures and try getting them to go see more. But when it comes to my social media, I also like showing people my day to day activities and routine. I enjoy showing my fans what my friends are up to and connecting with other girls to have fun with as well!”

What are some of the strangest parts of being an online influencer?

“You know, I do get crazy requests all the time from people asking for particular posts or content. I have had people asking for my dirty underwear, me in bath water, feet videos and pictures – even super weird stuff like farting into the camera, burping, and sleeping on camera! The strangest I’ve gone through is letting viewers watch me sleeping on camera.

Tell us what you love about your life as an online influencer?

I think that the best part of my job as an online model and influencer is knowing I’m living it up and enjoying my youth to the fullest possible extent. I know so many people who are my age or younger, and they don’t care about their looks. They’ve totally given up on themselves! Being an online Instagram model and having the chance to build an online persona that others love to follow makes me feel empowered. When I’m older I can look back and say “Hey, that was me! Wow! She’s gorgeous and happy!”

Want to see more from Emily Knight, and see what this bombshell is up to behind the scene in her everyday life? Follow her online at, to keep up with her!

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