The Greaser haircut is a trendy modern style for men

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The Greaser haircut is a trendy modern style for men, perfect for hipsters as well as bad boys. Greaser hair was popularized by rebellious or tough types in the 1950s, thanks to the influence of youth culture, such as Johnny Cash, Marlon Brando and James Dean

However, retro styles can be achieved with water-based products that are high-shine and have a similar look.

. The leather jacket was a staple of greaser men’s fashion. The jacket was a symbol of adventure and daring, just like the World War II pilots who wore it. . This is so that you can see where the rebellious style comes from.

Duck’s tail or duck ass :

Duck’s ass, or duck tail in the tamer company was one of the most popular styles among men during the past decade. You would usually create this style by separating your hair and then combing it over the other side. Then, you’d pull the sides back together to meet at the back of your head.


A common hairstyle is the Pompadour. This style can be done in a variety of ways. One variation involved dividing the hair and combing it sideways and forward. Then flip the front over to make it rise.

Although quiffs may look modern, a full quiiff that extends the length of your forehead gives it a retro vibe. To achieve this artistic shape, use a blow dryer to lift your hair slightly back.

 Greaser Hairstyles For Men Since 1950s

In the 1950s, the Greaser haircut became very popular with the working class. It was inspired by music stars such as Eddie Cochran and Elvis Presley. Marlon Brando, James Dean and James Dean were the main figures in this movement.

The 1950s’ Hottest Trend: Greaser hairstyles

Greaser is a hairstyle that requires a lot hair cosmetics (gels, waxes, pomades) to keep its shape.

The hairstyles of greasers are more wet. Many young people still love this hairstyle, even though it is no longer popular among greasers.  Get a slicked back with an undercut

This slick back greaser haircut is so refreshing it’s hard to not love it. For a modern look, cut your hair with shorter sides, especially if your beard tends to crowd the face.

Greaser Mullet

Hipster hair is here! This greaser hair with mullet is for you if you want a bold look. A small amount of hair should be shaved in front of your ears to achieve a face-defining look.

For short black hair, try this Greaser Style

These styles can be difficult due to natural texture. To achieve a cool greaser style for Black men, you will only need hair that is slightly longer at the top and a flatiron.

Pomp Combover

This pomp combover has the retro look you are looking for thanks to its swirled forehead. To give your hair some pomp, lift it up and then use a round brush for a curly look.

For mature men, greaser haircut Style

You might be wrong to think that there is no greaser hairstyle suitable for older men. A long, full beard looks great paired with a swirling pompadour and a low side parte. These features will frame your face.

Greaser Pompadour With Small Part

Do not worry about having a dramatic part. You don’t have to go all out for a dramatic look. If you like the way it defines your face and prefer a smaller one, make sure that it is on your favorite side.

Elevated Pompadour

This style shows how classic greaser was embraced by a more fashionable elite to create sophisticated styles. To create larger, more texture pieces in the pompadour, add a lot of height to the front.

Quiff Style

Although quiffs may look modern, a full quiiff that extends the length of your forehead can have a retro vibe. To achieve this artistic shape, use a blow dryer to lift your hair.

Tapered Fade for the Combover

A tapered fade is another great way to give this style a modern twist. Then, comb the hair back and forth over your ears. Finally, fade the hair into a side part. Hair at the middle of the forehead should be given a lift.

Loose Victory Rolls

The main feature of 1950s greaser hair is its roundness. This style is a throwback to a more glamorous time. This style suits slim faces best.

A messy comb

A small amount of hair gel can be used to create this messy comb-over. This greaser hair is for those who don’t want to use a lot hair products. Apply some gel to the top and comb it with your fingers.

Cowlicks that are stylish

Although this cowlick isn’t a classic style, it looks great on wet hair. You just need to let one strand of hair fall on your forehead, and then curl it slightly. You can style the rest of your hair with hair gel.

Cool and short

If the classic greaser haircut is done right, you can achieve this look without using too much gel. Your hair should be cut short but not too long to add volume. You won’t need any gel to maintain your hair neat if you have the right haircut.

Undercutting Greaser:

These days, undercuts are very popular.How can you create a greaser style from a regular undercut?Make sure your hair is long enough to and comb it over.To make your comb-over look as shiny as possible, use a lot hair pomade.

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