The Importance of Sustainability: A Simple Guide

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Is it hot on Earth, or is it me? 

Small changes to the way humans live their lives are beginning to add up. When the world isn’t on fire, it’s under feet of water after the most recent ‘hundred-year storm.’ We are in the midst of the sixth global extinction event, and your favorite animals might no longer be around by the time your grandkids are old enough to say ‘doggie.’ 

It’s time to wake up to the importance of sustainability. While the burden of slowing climate change should not be on the individual, it’s natural to want to do something productive with your feelings of helplessness. Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is one way to show you care. 

Overwhelmed? You’re not the only one. If you’re wondering how to be more sustainable in an age of abundance, read on to learn some eco-friendly tips for more sustainable living. 

The Importance of Sustainability in Practice

When we talk about sustainability, we break it down into three pillars. We call them profits, planet, and people. In essence, to make a difference, we need to critically look at capitalism, environmental practices, and existing social structures. 

The biggest changes that individuals can make involve their consumption of resources. How much power and water are you using? How much of the food and clothing that you purchase becomes waste? 

Green Energy

One way to make a sustainable change is to transition to green energy. This might mean installing solar panels, as described at Solar energy harnesses the energy of the sun and can lower your energy bill considerably. 

Avoid Fast Fashion

Fast fashion describes any clothing that you wear only a few times and then discard. It might include inexpensive, trendy pieces from mall stores. When you consider how much goes into the production and transportation of these items from foreign factories, you realize how wasteful a single tank top can be! 

Instead, invest in higher quality, longer-lasting pieces. Consider sustainable fabrics such as bamboo. Donate any good quality clothing to thrift stores or charities so that they can have a longer life. 

You Are What You Eat

Every piece of produce you consume was grown and harvested by a farmer. Do you know if that farmer was fairly compensated, or exposed to harmful pesticides on the job? Were they taught sustainable farming practices, or is the production of your food draining their resources?

One way to be more sustainable is to support local farmers and regenerative farming. Choosing organic, pesticide-free products can also help. If you know who is growing your food and how they are growing it, you can ensure that no harm is being done. 

Change Your Habits, Save the World

Reversing climate change is a long game, and it starts with understanding the importance of sustainability. Change is necessary if we want to enjoy our quality of life during the time that we have left. 

The best tip for how to be more eco-friendly is to start with thoughtful consideration of your current habits. How can you make a small change that might take some of the burden off of individuals and natural resources? How can you show big companies that you want to supporting more ethical practices?

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