The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents: A Complete Guide

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Did you know that approximately 38,000 people died in car crashes in 2020 in the United States? Behind heart disease and cancer, accidents are one of the most common causes of death. 

While some car accidents are unpreventable, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of being in a fatal car accident.

You can learn about defensive driving, slow down while driving, and be aware of the most common causes of car accidents. 

Do you want to learn more about the most common auto accident causes? If so, keep reading. 

Distracted Drivers

One of the biggest car accident causes is distracted drivers. Because driving can be a mundane task, many drivers get bored and face distractions while driving. 

Distracted driving can happen anytime you take your eyes away from the road, use your hands to do other tasks, or start daydreaming. 

Many distracted driving accidents happen as a result of someone texting, talking on the phone, eating, drinking, or listening to music.

If you want to prevent an accident caused by distracted driving, be sure to focus on the road at all times.

Have you been in an accident because of a distracted driver? If so, a lawyer can provide car accident help. Contact them to get the help you deserve with your auto accident injuries. 


Another common cause of car accidents is the weather. Anytime it rains, snows, or is foggy, you should slow down to avoid an accident. 

When the roads are wet, you are more likely to lose control of your vehicle. Visibility may be reduced, so you won’t have as much time to react to other vehicles stopping. 

When driving in fog, be sure to use your low beam headlines, slow down, and maintain a safe distance from other cars. Even if the roads don’t seem wet, they are slippery. 


Have you ever felt sleepy while driving? If so, you are not alone because another common cause of car accidents is fatigue. When you don’t get enough rest, you will feel distracted and unable to react. 

Before going on a long road trip, make sure you get plenty of rest. If you don’t, you risk not feeling alert while driving or falling asleep. 


Speeding while driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Many people speed when they are running late to work, because they enjoy the thrill, or because it is a habit. 

When you speed, you give yourself less time to react. That means that when the car in front of you slams on its brakes, you are more likely to hit them.

Speeding also makes it more difficult to control your vehicle, especially when the weather is bad. If you do get in a car accident while speeding, the outcome will be worse than if you were driving at the right speed. 

Avoid These Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

One of the most common causes of death in the United States is car accidents. If you want to prevent a car accident, you should drive carefully and learn about the most common causes of car accidents. 

Was this article about the types of car accidents and their causes helpful? If so, check out the lifestyle category for more tips on staying safe. 

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