The woman comes forward claiming to be a child of DMX-increasing the number of children he is supposed to be a father

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Earlier this year, many were saddened by the passing of the legendary DMX. Since his death there have been discussions about his property and how it is divided among his children. Now, a woman has come forward claiming to be her daughter, increasing the number of children to whom she is believed to be the father.

According to page 6A woman named Raven Barmer-Simmons, Georgia, approached other DMX kids claiming to be her children. She, along with 14 other people, undergo a DNA test to confirm her father.

The site appointed Judge Helen Blackwood on Friday as a temporary manager of its estate, a son who shares DMX’s three sons, Xavier, Tacoma and Sean Simmons, with his ex-wife, Tashera Simmons. is told.

Herbert Nath, the Xavier Trust and real estate attorney of Tacoma, said: Real estate requires everyone to prove their father through DNA testing. All legitimate children of DMX are entitled to an equal share of his property. “

He continued. “We have to collect the assets and pay the loan and administration cost. We don’t know much about his source of income, but a temporary manager has been appointed so that we can ask questions and expect answers. Growth.”

DMX’s fiancé, Desiree Lindstrom, was dismissed by a judge after she was declared his “inner wife”. She is the mother of DMX’s five-year-old son, Exodus Simmons. She petitioned the court for the manager of her estate and the eldest daughters of DMX, Sasha Simmons and Jada Oden.

ns Earlier DMX reportedly died in April at the age of 50.

Woman comes forward claiming to be DMX’s child – increasing the number of children she is supposed to father

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