TikTok: What Is HP Radical Reuse? Plastic Recycle Challenge

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HP Radical Reuse on TikTok is the ocean-bond plastic recycling challenge. How do join the trend?

Though HP is an electronic company, it has done a commendable job in reducing plastic waste. In fact, it is reportedly the first computer manufacturer to operate its own recycling centre.

Now, HP has taken its plastic elimination challange into Tiktok.

What Is HP Radical Reuse on TikTok?

HP Radical Reuse on Tiktok is a challenge to reduce ocean-bond plastic.

Ocean-bound plastics are any plastic found within 50 kilometres of a waterway. According to recent reports, our oceans hold at least 5.25 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic as of 2021. And, these plastics destroying our environment and killing many species.

There is a growing concerning about reducing plastic in past few years. Likewise, big companies like Apple, Samsung, and Dell have joined the good cause.

For an instance, Apple is targeting to eliminate plastics packaging by 2025. Likewise, Samsung is also taking similar initiates.

However, no other company has been able to amass massive public attention on the initiative like HP. HP has used its Tiktok fan following to aware people of ocean-bound plastic.

It has started a challenge called #HPRadicalReuse and the hashtag already has 7.3 billion views.

HP Radical Reuse Plastic Recycle Challenge

HP Radical Reuse challenge encourages people to recycle plastic.

Popular Tiktoker @alisonsadventures was one of the first to join the challenge. Alison reportedly collects ocean-bound plastic from all around the world and upcycle them into thread for making clothes.

The video went viral within a short time. The Tiktok has over 36.3 million views with over 500k now.

So far, nearly 50 HP products are made from recycled plastic. Furthermore, HP is even planning to launch Radical Reuse Phone from Ocean Bound Plastic.

How to do the HP Radical Reuse Trend?

To join the HP Radical Reuse trend is very easy.

You can just reuse the plastic waste available at home or even collect plastics in the environment. Then, you need to upcycle or reuse the plastic – if possible- in creative ways.

One Tiktoker collected ocean plastics and melted them to make a boomerang. Similarly, another Tiktoker cut bottles to make plant holders.

You don’t have to go very large to protect the environment. In fact, one Tiktoker just reused the plastic ice cream container to store other things.

Now, you just have to radically reuse the plastic and make Tiktok about it. Who knows HP may reports your video online.

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