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Influencer marketing has become an essential social media tool for business growth. Individuals who become popular on social media endorse and promote the products, services, or anything the businesses wish to highlight and get noticed. These social media stars are respected in their niche and can give businesses an edge. The audience that follows these influencers and trusts them would be more likely to accept the things they promote. Hence, many brands use influencer marketing to boost the company’s message, products, or services. If we talk about the market share that influencer marketing holds, it is about 89%.

Getting your products endorsed and marketed by influencers will not only get the business noticed by the community and uplift the social image but will also increase the number of followers and, often, sales. 

Having shown you the importance of influencer marketing, we would like to walk you through the seven essential tips for influence marketing that will help you increase your social media appearance and grow your sales. 

1. Determine your Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

You cannot run a business without a clear goal in a practical way while rowing against the current. So, like others, you should devise effective strategies to achieve those goals and be in the top position in your niche on social media. However, it is a matter of grave fact that to enhance your marketing, you must have a clear direction in which you are headed.

For instance, a trendsetter with a significant number of followers can play a vital role in introducing and boosting your business on social media platforms. Having identified your goals, you must specify your key performance indicators (KPIs) that are essential for the smooth running of your business. They will help you later evaluate if you are meeting the results you expected.

2. Connect with the Right Influencers

Make sure you pick the right influencer because it can be a game-changer that will take your business to the next level. When hiring an influencer, always do a background check and check if that individual has done such promotions before. Does the individual influencer have genuine followers, or can you also ask for the portfolio to be sure? You should also ensure that this influencer will appeal to a large audience and that the influencer’s personality matches your brand’s values. In short, you should shortlist those individuals with a large following to advocate for your brand, and review their past content and comments can help to make the proper selection. 

It is also essential to assess how the individual (influencer) is engaging with their followers.

3. Host Endorsements on Podcasts

Podcasts can be one of the best platforms for influencer marketing. The number of people worldwide who listen to podcasts has risen to 14.4%. By hosting endorsements on podcasts, you can increase your market reach.

4. Get a Brand Ambassador 

A brand ambassador can be a trustworthy option for influencer marketing, and it can be a great way to show the authenticity of your brand. If the community realizes that a famous personality is your brand ambassador, your business growth will go faster. With the best ambassadors, you can increase the emotional attachment of buyers to products and services, which will uplift your business/brand development. Therefore, you should consider a brand ambassador to introduce your product to the social community.

However, before hiring any ambassador, you must establish a smooth and deep connection with them to gain their trust and show that you are a reliable company. This connection will further encourage them to support your business as an ambassador wholeheartedly. 

In case you have made up your mind about hiring a brand ambassador, you can approach them directly by getting the contact through Nuwber.

5. Create Instagram Stories

Did you know that Instagram is the best channel for influencer marketing? However, Besides Instagram, Facebook stands in second place, and Youtube holds third place. The most impactful type of Instagram influencer marketing is the stories on Instagram, and many people prefer visiting the platform for reviews before purchasing any product or getting any services.

Only 36% of companies benefit from IG stories, possibly due to the underestimation of using Instagram for marketing. Posting your product to Instagram through influencers can immediately connect people with your brand, and advertising on Instagram stories can lead your business to grow.

6. Create Tik-Tok Videos

Despite the expectations of many, TikTok has become successful in gaining the traction of the community. This application has captured a significant market share in a brief span of time. 

Getting a renowned influencer to introduce your product in TikTok videos can boost your brand remarkably. Therefore, you should not ignore this platform, for it is new to the world compared to Facebook and Youtube. It is a well-known proverb that early birds get the worm, and being the first to introduce your product on this platform can give you an edge over your competitors. Although the brand campaign on Tik Tok is relatively low, you can use it for influencer marketing by analyzing its growing ratio.

7- Facebook

Just like other online platforms, you can use Facebook for influencer marketing. You can get started with it using the following methods.

(a ) Videos

Among those who use the internet, 45% spend more than an hour watching videos on Facebook or Youtube daily. Hence, if an influencer makes a creative and unique video of your product and shares it on their Facebook page, it will attract an enormous audience to purchase your product.

(b) Contests 

Influencers can also advertise your brand by arranging different contests. Besides giving entertainment to the already present audience, you can also attract numerous new viewers to your contest, making them aware of your brand’s product. During this contest, influencers can share photos of the product they want to advertise to reach the maximum audience. 

(c ) Cross promotions

Most social media influencers remain active across many platforms, so they can certainly run a campaign across several platforms. For instance, an influencer can write a blog about your product and then share its link on social media channels for advertisement. Introducing your brand to several online platforms with the help of cross promotions through an influencer can assist you in enticing a mass of people.


Influencer marketing has taken over traditional marketing, becoming the most popular marketing method during the Covid-19 pandemic. Adding influencer marketing to your advertising strategy can prosper your business and perform wonders. There are various other ways of using influencer marketing, but these seven are essential tips that can perform miracles in exponential growth.

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