Top 5 email Management Softwares to look out for in 2021

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Emails have become one of the most important and dependable factors for the professional world, whether it be corporate or something else. However, these emails need to be handled properly in order for them to be deemed productive.

In this article, we have chosen to list down five email management software to help you with better email management. These will help you build a strong base for the email management strategy you follow and manage your emails without any unnecessary problems.

Read on to find the top five email management software to look out for in the year 2021.

  1. Active Inbox : Managing emails becomes difficult when the important mails get pushed down the list by the pile of other emails. This software named Active Inbox manages the emails in the form of tasks. The important details in these “tasks”, like the due date are underlined to make sure that the significant information gets the attention of the readers. For even further progress, these tasks are also divided into projects. Often replying to an email, just to not leave it on read, can be a burden.
  2. Mailman: Mailman is the best email management software that exists in 2021 and is among our personal favorites. It comes with many great features but the best part about the Mailman is its ease, convenience and allowing people to take their inboxes to zero in less than a minute. It comes with a Do Not Disturb mode. It allows you to set some time periods during which you won’t receive notifications for any incoming mails. It allows you to concentrate on the task at hand while not being distracted, leading to greater productivity. This is one of the major features of Mailman. With the help of Mailman, you can also decide the slots for the mails, that is schedule the time slots when you will like them to be delivered. It also filters as well as blocks the mails that include newsletters and other spam content. You can also go through the blocked emails so that you can check for yourself that no important mails are lost in these filters.
  3. BatchInbox: Filtering the important emails from the ones you don’t need is the major selling point of email management software. These filters dig deep into the various incoming mails and direct them to the folders they are suitable for. You have the option to divert these emails back to the inbox folder. Another thing you can do is choose a specific time period to view these emails in the main inbox. This feature of receiving emails in batches can also be disabled according to your need.
  4. Hiver: A lot of times, our Inbox to zero is filled with emails that have been forwarded to us without subscribing. The ‘CC’ tab in the emails is there to make sure that all the concerned people know about these emails but it only results in more and more accumulation of unnecessary mails. With the help of Hiver, you can achieve this purpose, without the unnecessary accumulation. You can just simply add notes saved parallel to the emails which provides context. With the help of Hiver, you can also automate the tasks which are repetitive based on the rules you have predefined and focus on the stuff that is actually important.
  5. Follow Up Then : With the help of this software, you can set reminders as to when you want to follow up with an email. All you have to do is tag “” in the ‘BCC’ field and exactly three days later, you will receive a follow up from the app. With the help of this software, you are able to get an effective reminder. You can just forward your emails to “” and you will receive a reminder at the time that you have fixed so that you can get a reminder to check it at a time suitable for you.  This allows you to be productive for the remaining time. This software will also help you send important notes or documents to yourself at a time fixed by you.


These are the five best email softwares that have proven to be extremely helpful for the purpose of optimizing and managing your emails and gaining better productivity. With the help of these five email management software as well as their extensions, you can successfully manage the incoming emails and outgoing emails. 

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