Top 5 Java Edition Minecraft Anarchy Servers

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Minecraft Anarchy servers are an interesting social experiment, to say the least. An anarchy server is one that has few rules (if any at all). Here, players are free to scam each other, grief others’ builds, and even use Minecraft clients with built-in cheats in some cases.

The best anarchy servers in Minecraft are almost always defined by a long server history and a solid, tightly knit community that strives to make the server enjoyable for everyone.

This list will highlight some quality anarchy servers currently available in Minecraft and features servers that vary from complete chaos (zero rules) to more civil anarchy-inspired servers that entertain a few basic rules here and there.

Best Anarchy Servers to play in Minecraft:

#1 2b2t

2b2t is the king of anarchy servers in the eyes of many in the Minecraft community. The server is synonymous with the culture at this point and almost defines the genre altogether.

There are absolutely zero rules in what is often humorously described as the “oldest anarchy server in Minecraft” by the community. The server also features a huge selection of some serious YouTube names who have claimed 2b2t as their home, including the likes of FitMC and Salc1.

2b2t is an absolute must-try for any players wanting to get their feet wet in the ruthlessly intense world of pure anarchy servers. The only slight downside to this server is the ridiculously long queue times in place due to its unparalleled recent success and popularity.


#2 MC Prison

MC Prison is not a typical survival anarchy server like one may expect. It is an anarchy-inspired Minecraft prison server. The server heavily draws in mechanics from the standard anarchy game mode and seeks to build upon them. There are a few basic rules, including no hacked clients. Pretty much everything else goes, however.

The server is a truly thrilling experience. With players starting from the lowest rank, they must find ways to make money and progress to the top of the ranks through leveling up. Scamming, griefing, killing, and raiding other players are all fair game on this server.


#3 Minewind

Minewind is an anarchy server primarily focused on the classic vanilla survival game mode with several interesting twists. Unlike many other classic sandbox survival anarchy servers, Minewind offers regular events, unique items with custom enchantments, and the ability to teleport and set homes. Minewind also introduces the concept of a player based economy with their unique in-game currency called “deggs”.

The server has no moderators, admins, or helpers. Anything goes, except for their only rule of no modified game clients which can leverage cheats and other unfair advantages.


#4 Purity Vanilla

Purity vanilla sets out to create an experience with absolutely no gameplay changing plugins, keeping things as unfiltered as possible. The server leaves all content and general economy structure up to its players to determine much like 2b2t.

Unlike 2b2t however, Purity vanilla utilizes Minecraft version 1.16. For those wanting to play on an anarchy server supporting more recent gameplay mechanics and implementations, Purity vanilla is the place to go.


#5 9b9t

9b9t is a great alternative to the classic 2b2t anarchy server and is primarily aimed at those who do not want to endure the wait of the huge queues caused by the recent surges in popularity of 2b2t.

9b9t also offers a great alternative community to 2b2t and an official and active discord server with over 4,000 members to chat with while away from the Minecraft server.

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