Is a Vaporizer subscription box worth the money?

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The vaporizer subscription services are pretty new, and the basic premise is simple. The way to have a legal vaporizer is its delivery to your doorstep. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home when you can subscribe to boxes of vaporizers that come to you. Also, you can enjoy the best subscription box and its offer if you live in a state where cannabis is illegal. Subscription boxes are now growing faster based on consumer trends. Several cannabis companies provide services in the market. They deliver expertly curated goods for your taste. When you select subscription boxes of high quality, they may be delivering surprising and exciting products every month. Indeed, the vaporizer subscription boxes are found to be worth the money.

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Why do you have to subscribe to a vaporizer?

Even though the world turned into a digital one, you get something surprising in the post box every month. Vaporizer subscription boxes are convenient and get your desired thing without actually visiting the store. They also help you to experience the other brands you may not expose to one. You can enjoy its health benefits without the hassle of finding a head shop. It is a gift for us to have these products helpfully delivered directly to your doorstep. Through the subscription boxes, you can receive exceptionally high quality for the low monthly cost. Many subscription companies purchase the products in bulk, and they afford it to the people at a reasonable price than if they buy them in the store. In this way of subscribing, you can find out the products that cannot be seen in a local shop. 

Consider the following things before you get a vaporizer subscription box

You have to research the price-quality ratio for every box you want to buy. Some companies may add too many fillers in the boxes. They might do something new to play, and they will send you only stickers. Therefore you have to look before you choose a box. Also, ensure its features which you can use in your everyday smoking. The second thing you should consider is the theme that the company picks for its subscription boxes. For example, if you want to smoke with your partner, tons of boxes are available with a sultry theme. If you are a loner stoner, you can have a better box tailored for one person.

Here are the different vaporizer subscription boxes you have to wait for at your doorstep.

1. 420 Goody Box

Four hundred twenty goody box subscriptions offer premium products at every level. They supply products from independent and reputed brands. It is helpful for the people with the interest who want to discover small brands not yet known well. Each box is filled with a ticket, and they announce the first ten names of the winners every 18th of the month on their YouTube channel. The winners will be given cash awards, subscription boxes, smoking gear, electronics, gaming devices, and more.

The look pack comes with casual smokers who need the essentials. The box contains the eight items of rolling papers, pipe, lighter and other things. This subscription box is considered unique. The reason is it offers a vape pen and also provides a grenade-shaped smoking pipe.

2. AU box

These are the second luxury cannabis subscription boxes, and they deliver a luxury smoking experience that changes the way of consuming cannabis. The rolling papers were all made up of 24k gold papers and Gold vape pens. Their advertisement is shown in highly prestigious print media like sports illustrated, Vogue, Forbes, observer, San Francisco Chronicle, etc.

They offer subscription boxes with the themes of Day and Night box. And also the accessories which suit both the morning and evening use. In addition, they offer a sampler box consisting of top-shelf strains such as Sativa, Indica, and other high CBD strains. Last but not least, they offer the pet box within the subscription box meant for the good of your dog. All these treats are non-psychoactive and CBD-rich and also added shampoos, lotions, and hemp toys.

3. ClubM

ClubM has been in the market for very long tears, and they are well known for luxury smoking. It is mainly for those people who love luxury. It offers some real weed flowers, concentrates, edibles, and topical with the vaporizer subscription boxes. The subscribers of ClubM have the chance to access other premium collections, such as the Love Box consisting of hazelnut chocolate body spread. Explore box has Dapper labs moon rocks and a limited edition MBox 1k with THC infused edibles. The subscription boxes include a sparkling vaporizer and Swarovski crystals added to it. It is only for the residents of California, and they will not deliver their products outside of the state. It is one of the excellent choices for discrete smokers who are not interested in shopping at dispensaries.

4. Hemper’s box

Hemper’s boxes were introduced by a dedicated team through creative ways to promote a unique smoking experience. You cannot find this item that has a good smoking experience anywhere. They also assure that the delivery details will be in a discreet mailer bag with no branding on the outside. It shows their respect towards the privacy of customers. The subscription box covers the smell-proof tech, cleaning gear, and odor eliminators. This item is fantastic for those people who love to smoke flowers. It takes the smell of the smoke from the vaporizer when you want. You can order this subscription box right now and enjoy its benefits.


If you decide to get a great smoking experience along with the best customer service, look out for the list of subscription boxes for the vaporizer above. They will bring the top-rated products right to your door. When you subscribe to the vaporizer, a company will send you its high-quality products. The products are wrapped safely in some funky package. Whatever the subscription box and kits you have chosen, you might have a good time with them.

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