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Wanda Ferraton was born in 1970. She is somewhat old now but does not look too old. Wanda Ferraton’s age is 50 years at present. She spent her childhood in the 70s and 80s. Wanda saw decent early days. Her parents gave their all to give her child a great life. She went to a very good school and completed her education very well.  Wanda always liked sports ahead of academics. She participated in several sporting activities during her school days.

Wanda’s husband is Bill Goldberg, who is a famous professional wrestler from the United States of America. Wanda Wanda’s age can’t tell her actual picture. It shows that she takes care of her body very well. Having Bill Goldberg’s direct influence makes her fitness standard even better. Bill is a professional athlete. Therefore, staying fit is kind of her thing. Wanda Ferraton met Goldberg in a random partly. Both did not about each other much before. Goldberg likes Ferraton looks and went to approach her after resisting himself for a long time. They talked for a long time and set a great bond together. Wanda Ferraton looked too beautiful to Goldberg, who pushed his all to set his first date with her. Ferraton and Goldberg shared some memorable moments in their first meet. It took their bond to another level. Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg married in 2005. After marrying Wanda, Bill kept himself far away from the world of professional wrestling. For years, fans only played Bill on video games. Bill Goldberg is indeed a very good gentleman. He can also be a key reason behind the beauty. It’s very hard for many to say surely that Wanda Ferraton’s age is more than 50 now.

In 2006, Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg welcomed a baby boy. They named him Gage A.J. Goldberg, who is the one and only child of Wanda and Bill. The lovely pair has put its all to make Gage feel better and happy from many different angles. Wanda Ferraton is indeed an inspiration for many people in the brick-and-mortar world. She is a very sweet lady who takes care of WWE’s biggest asset in a fantastic manner. Several WWE couples see the combination of Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg as a great inspiration to follow. In this modern-day cycle, it is very hard to find soul mates. Some can’t even find soul mates in their whole life. In 2017, Bill made a huge return to WWE. It captivated many old WWE fans to watch great shows again. Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg set a great example to follow for many people in this brick-and-mortar world.  Bill also takes care of Wanda quite well and sees his future only with her. The family remains far away from social media despite knowing the fact that it can make them earn huge sums. It shows that they are happy with what they have. Goldberg is a reach person. However, collecting more is not a bad idea for the legend of the WWE brand.

Wanda Ferraton: Net Worth 

WandaFerraton has earned a decent amount of money from her work as a stuntwoman. She has played stuntwoman roles in more than 100 movies. In North America, an average stuntwoman can earn more than $250,000 in a year. Her total net worth is not stated in the public sector.

WandaFerraton’s husband Bill Goldberg is a very rich person. As of now, Goldberg’s net worth is $14 million. Despite not being a WWE regular performer, his earning channels are too much. Even for a small cameo in the WWE, Goldberg earns and takes big sums. Bill Goldberg has established some big assets, so earning money is not a big problem for this astonishing family. They have a beautiful mansion worth $2.5 million. 

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