Wayne Carey’s Net Worth – How Rich Is Australian Rules Footballer?

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Wayne Carey is an Australian Rules Football legend who played for the North Melbourne Football Club and Adelaide Crows. He is known as “The King” and “Duck.”

After retirement, Carey became an assistant coach for Denis Pagan. The former athlete then explored television. Now, he is the Friday night football analyst on Channel 7’s Talking Footy.

Wayne Carey’s Net Worth- How Rich Is The Australian Rules Footballer?

Wayne Carey has accumulated a lot of fortune in his almost impossible-to-imitate career. According to reports, the former footballer has a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022.

He primarily made money from his lucrative contracts and brand deals. Most agree that Carey is among the most outstanding Australian Rules football players. In his legendary career, he has bagged 727 goals in 272 games.

Wayne hails from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. He was passionate about rugby early on and started playing football at eight. He made a name for himself in 1990 as a goal-kicking center half-forwards.

Alongside fortune, The North Melbourne athlete has garnered several honors in his career. He has 7x All-Australian Team mentions, 2x AFL Premiership, and 5x North Melbourne leading goal kicker.

Carey got inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame in 2010. In 2008, he was announced as the greatest player in Australian football history in the list of top 50 players of all time in the book The Australian Game of Football.

Explore On Wayne Carey’s Cheating Allegations And Divorce

In 2002, Wayne Carey got caught cheating with his Melbourne Kangaroos teammate, Anthony Stevens’s wife, Kelli Stevens.

Footy world was shocked as Wayne was married for a year to his long-time lover Sally McMahon.

Anthony and many others found Wayne and his wife in the restroom of a birthday party. After the outrage, Wayne resigned from the team and joined the Adelaide Crows.

His marriage with Sally lasted till 2006. Anthony and Kelli also separated in 2008. Current Melbourne champion Brent Harvey says, “that incident knocked the team back four or five years.”

In 2016, Carey revealed that he had apologized to his old best friend. “Please accept my heartfelt apologies. That’s where it all initiated, and that’s where it all comes to a close,” he said. However, the issue erupted recently, and Wayne and Anthony reportedly threw their hands on each other.

Update On Wayne Carey’s New Wife And Life Partner In 2022

Wayne Carey is in a relationship with model Jessica Paulk. According to rumors, the pair got engaged in 2018 and are now living a prosperous life.

In 2001, He was previously married to Sally McMahon. Sally is a renowned actress. The ex-couple welcomed their daughter, Ella Carey, in 2006, and they separated the same year.

After his divorce, Wayne dated Kate Neilson, an actress and producer. They were engaged but unfortunately parted ways in 2016, reportedly due to cheating. Carey has a son with his ex-fiancee Stephanie Edwards, named Charlotte.

Speaking about his family, He was the son of Kevin and Lynne. The 51-year-old has four siblings: Sam Carey, Karen Carey, Dik Carey, and Sharon Carey. Carey’s parents separated when he was just six.

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