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We wear shoes practically all the time, and in some cultures, shoes are also worn inside one’s own home. And if you’re a fashionista who loves collecting shoes, then you’re also aware of the importance of keeping said shoes in good condition, especially during the cold and unfavourable weather. So, if your shoes tend to go worse quicker than they should, or you simply want to learn something new, then here are some amazingly useful tips that will show you all the ways to take care of your shoes.

Keep them away from sunlight

Direct sunlight or just heat can be damaging to shoes. This is because sunlight and heat can cause shoes to stiffen up and crumble. But, sometimes, it’s not feasible to have an enclosed designated space for shoes, and if that’s the case, then make sure to keep shoes somewhat hidden from direct sunlight and heat exposure.

Make sure that the soles are clean

Due to walking, shoe soles are often most exposed to damage. And since they’re also the foundation of shoes, that means they should be kept tidy and clean. So next time you’re outside, you should tap shoes in order to get rid of loose dust that’s been accumulated on the soles. Also, if there’s still some left, use a quality brush to remove the remains of dust and grime. And if there are any groves inside the soles, then it’s important to use a dry paintbrush, so you’ll be able to clean the soles more thoroughly.

Take care of the leather

Despite what some might think about leather, the fact remains: leather footwear is often most durable and easy to maintain, however, in order to do that, it’s important to care for them properly. Therefore, if you have beautiful but stretched out shoes, then using vinegar to shrink that leather and keep shoes in a good state. Leather is known to “breathe”, and using a proper cream to rejuvenate it. So, the best way to do that is to carefully apply a cream using a piece of cloth or a brush, and then let the cream settle by leaving them overnight before wearing them.

Don’t forget about white shoes and sneakers

White leather shoes and sneakers are prone to getting dirty, mainly due to colour. Hence, you should wipe away the stains by using dishwasher soap and cloth. In case that’s not enough, then feel free to wash them in a laundry machine, however, don’t forget to remove the shoelaces first. You can wash them together with shoes, but that has to be done separately.

Use proper products regularly

We’ve already established that shoe soles need to be cared for on a regular basis. That also applies to shoes, so getting a polish and shiner is definitely the right move. If you apply the shiner regularly, you can be sure that shoes will have a much longer life. Maintaining the texture and shine is important, as it keeps shoes looking new and well-kept. Also, using a shoe tree to preserve the natural shape and texture of shoes. Having a shoe closet is always a good idea, mainly if you have a lot of pairs that need to stored somewhere safely.

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Keeping your shoes in good condition is a must if you want them to last long and look good in the process. There’s no point in buying expensive and luxurious shoes if you don’t plan to take care of them properly. These tips will surely help you get started, however, if you have some of your own personal tips and tricks that you use, feel free to implement them as well.

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